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    Now that's how you follow up brother. I always like McDowell in his younger days and now he's one of the vets in the sport. Met him at Bristol when he drove for a friends trucking co in the old Sat Busch series. Great dude. Anyway, Congrats. Maybe buy a new blower to shovel the ice pond for hockey?
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    Last fling......make me an honest Joe

    Love that pic CC. Made me laugh so hard I had a cough attack
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    Last fling......make me an honest Joe

    Thx guys. Still a bit sluggish Elite but getting better by the day.
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    Super Bowl Hangover

    Thanks Coach. I love them pics and hope the world comes back to normal life so we can finally get CC and play a round.
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    Super Sunday

    Great call E. Hate it’s over for now but will see you in the fall
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    Last fling......make me an honest Joe

    Man this is a tough game to cap. But you simply can not give TB points in what is basically a home game for TB. Then the sharps come along and bet this down to 3 and that begs for Vegas to push KC. I'm not biting..............injury list favors TB (lots of upgraded to probable out there) and KC...
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    Sun Champ games

    Thx guys. My wife just showed me some video of folding tables on the luggage turnstiles in KC. Now that’s funny stuff
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    Sun Champ games

    Been pretty sick with the flu bug so just quick thoughts. GB -3.5 - 4* Over 52 - 2* Buf/KC under 54.5 - 1* GB should walk over TB today. They seem unstoppable so Brady will have to score to keep up but won’t be enough. Think the AFC game will be a thriller and hope my Bills can stop the run...
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    Sun div rd

    3-0 yesterday to get back in the black at +4*. Head still booming after an unbelievable night with all my kids here for the game. Amazing time. I will say that Raspberry shine has some bad after effects. my plays today......... Cle/KC under 57 - 2*. Lots of players missing on KC line so expect...
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    Saturday Picks

    GL today IP
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    Sat Div games

    Was able to make up a little ground last weekend to close to within -2* down over the season. Can we flip this to the black, I believe we can................ LAR/GB over 45.5 - 4* and GB -6.5 - 1* You have a team who is the #1 scoring offense. The other is a D stronghold. So why the over IMO...
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    Forum Question + EE Sam

    Funny G. I agree there are a lot more Hockey posters and a longer season. Let em have their own forum as it is now.
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    Need Help...Convince me Buffalo covering is the play today

    Outstanding point Strawman. That and Neil tossed up some quick ref stats to support Coach. Every analysis and such has this as close as we all do. But they also seem to still lean to under 49.5 and I think that's the play. Still digging..............just a heads up to some others posts
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    NFL Plays for the weekend.

    GL Todd. Great to see you posting again the past few weeks