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    Weds NCAA Dogs

    Here my Plays Seton Hall +2.5 USC +7.5 Teaser Best Bet Seton Hall +7.5 USC +12.5 GLTA Kevin
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    Sunday NFL and CBB

    Here my plays CBB VCU -7 over LaSalle NFL 10 point Teaser Over 50.5 GB Pittsburgh +16 Green Bay +15.5 GLTA Kevin
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    Weds CBB Plays Dogs

    Great Day on Sunday On to this Notre Dame +6.5 Penn St +3.5 Teaser Best Bet!!! Notre Dame +11.5 Penn St +8.5 Kevin Canes1016
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    Sunday NFL and CBB

    Here my plays 10 point teasers GB over 42 Pittsburgh +12.5 GB +15 Northwestern -6.5 GLTA
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    Sunday NFL

    0-2 again yesterday ? Really love this Best Bet New England -3 10 point teaser New England +6 San Diego over 39 Baltimore +5 GLTA Kevin Canes1016
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    CBB Saturday

    0-2 last week Today Texas AM -3 South Florida +11 That's if for now!!!
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    Sunday NFL

    0-2 yesterday!!! Best Bet Buffalo +3 Miami over 43.5 10 point three teamer teaser Miami over 33.5, Buffalo +13 and Tampa Bay over 40 GLTA Kevin Canes1016 ?
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    Saturday CBB Plays

    Hello everyone, I'm back. I'm only posting CBB and CFB bowls only. Today Plays Marquette +4.5 Best Bet Missouri +7 Regular Play Only two plays today!! If you prefer teaser, play them both. GLTA Kevin Canes1016?
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    Sunday NFL

    Thanks for well wishes everyone. Last week 1-2 Today Best Bet Miami +6 St Louis - 6.5 Tennessee +5 Cle/Pitt over 42 GLTA Kevin Canes1016?
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    Hello Everyone, my Sunday Plays

    Hope everyone here EE doing well. Been dealing with parents health issues all summer long. Dad going great, mom not doing good!! Here my plays for today Tampa Bay +2.5 Washington +14 Giants/TB over 47 GLTA Kevin Canes1016?
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    Absolutely Best Bet!!! Over 63 1st Half UK 41 ND 28
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    Saturday NCAA

    Here my plays 3-0 best bets 3-7 regular plays Back later with best bets!!! Regular UAB +6 over UCLA Kentucky over 118
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    Friday NCAA

    Here my plays 2-0 best bets 0-2 small plays Duke over 66.5 1st H Best Bet!! Early Buffalo +4.5 New Mexico St. +10 Valparaiso +4.5 Back later for halftime plays Kevin
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    Thursday NCAA

    Here my plays Arizona and Texas Southern over 133 Best Bet North Carolina-9.5 over Harvard Glta Kevin Canes1016
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    SB 49 2nd h

    Ok I said I wasn't going to bet I'm taking seattle TT over 10.5 -135 2nd H