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    MLB 10/19/2021

    Nice call man. Let’s see it again ! Congrats on the over
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    Thanks Tin !!!! Great call. Dogs were barking loud today !
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    NHL picks for tonight

    Eeeesh. Back to the drawing board wow
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    NHL picks for tonight

    LFG !!! Good luck to all on the new season ahead. Gonna try to post more this year. Winners hopefully lol 😂 Jets ML -138. Put a bit on the PL too Rangers -104. Lots of people on Rangers. So tread lightly. But caps with no Ovi or Backstrom Blackhawks +160. Good dog bet here. Hawks...
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    MLB Playoffs 2021

    Good luck CC I’m tailing
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    NCAA sat

    uFC Qb is out. Still a play ? GL.I’m on Ducks heavy as well.
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    Preseason Puck

    Take Ducks tonight. Shark jr squad out 2 units I got in early this morning at -124. Sitting at -134 now. GL
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    Preseason Puck

    Take Jets tonight. Veteran line up against JR oiler squad. As Oilers vets played last night For a unit -158. Little juicy
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    Saturday Plays MLB NBA UFC EURO 2020

    Playing the Under 8.5 StL v Pitt. -110. 4 units Taking the OV in NBA tonight 217.5 -110 4 units UFC tonight. Taking the Canadian Bulldozer Tanner Bozer -170. EURO. TT over Italy 1.5 goals. 4 units GL everyone enjoy the day ! LFG!!!
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    NBA side play

    Hawks +8. GL to all. LFG!!!!!
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    MLB Tuesday

    Junk. My bad .... on to the next one !!! LFG
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    MLB Tuesday

    Hit the twins + ML last night. Long ass sweaty game. Lol. Taking UN 9 on the same match up. Twins v Reds this morning. -107. GL to all. Enjoy the day LFG
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    NHL Monday

    Great call on the ass whipping Ohara. !! Congrats
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    MLB Monday

    Twins ML +104. Happ turns it around. LFG!!! Going with a nickel play here. GL to all. Enjoy the day
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    NHL Sunday

    Dammmmmm. Oh well. Taking unders the rest of this series lol. Sorry fellas for all that tailed