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    iniana pacers play third in a row (rare)

    been a long time since i have posted i was going to go against indiana tonight but i think value might be gone with the book taking the schedule into account (maybe too much) like the under 182 like Toronto-3 Boston playing well without Rondo but may be a look ahead to the Lakers game tomorrow...
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    hepl with difference of opinion

    I wagered Olympic hockey on Canada to win -1 +110 with an online book. I thought I pushed but they says I lost cause that line was not including overtime or shootout (all olympic games). I did not notice anything saying this or that it is in regulation only. Did anyone bet a similar wager with...
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    looking for a stat anyone know a site?

    looking for team stat of minutes with 2 man advantage or 2 man advantage pp oppertunities. This is not to handicap but to settle a wager. my brother in law thinks the leafs always get the raw end of the calls but they have had more pp than pk and i heard harry niel say about 5 games ago that...
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    12 seeds again?

    i have not been around here for a while but after seeing 2 of the 3 12 seeds so far have won i came on to see if Anyone has pulled up that thread about the trends on the 5-12 matchups. i looked through the first 5 pages and didn't see it i could have missed it. the oldtimers on here will know...
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    jags/colts -9 thoughts on a big game POLL

    this will be the big game this week and many think it will be the colts first loss. I think this may be the biggest public game to bet on too. who do you guys think gets the action from the public? the jags ? the replacment quarterback looks good so far and these are the games that warners and...
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    hockey question???

    i AM A CANADIAN hockey fan and its weird that I have to ask this question but with the new rules I was wondering if the game goes to a shootout (I think its great I hate the stupid ties) but if the game is tied 3-3 and they go to a shootout and one team scores 3 the other team scores two the...
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    anyone having probs getting on to canbet site?

    ????????? i am in a rush too
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    another superbowl push????

    i cant remember how many but i know that there has been a couple pushes in the last 6 or so bowls. i wonder if this one has a chance? what do you guys think? FT
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    no new threads or is there a problem with my cpu or the site?
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    how about a poll for ncaa mizzou @ colorodo

    i like mizzouri but i dont know much about the colorodo team so i posted this poll to see what the guys(and girls)in this great forum think. cheers FT
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    who starts in net for the red wings?

    any info would be appreciated thanks FT
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    anyone having problems getting into canbet?

    it keeps timing out i got in the 1st time but timed out when i went to the odds screen. post if you can let me know thanks in advance FT
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    thanks to all the great cappers in here

    big thanks to dog for his great plays but there was too many to mention you all. i am sad its over FT
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    wednesday bases

    wen-.25 monday with 0-3 on small parlays to bring the parlay record to 1-7 brought my straight plays to 14-5 and total to +5.69 with full unit being a top play today i go with 1.28 to win .75 on the cubs .35 to win .25 on the expos .27 to win .25 on the mets .72 to win .50 on the braves .45 to...
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    monday bases

    lost all three small parlays but still made a profit with two straight plays stl and atlanta. parlays 1-4 straights 12-4 units + 5.94 today 3/4 of a unit on stlouis-182 (risk 1.37 to win .75) 1/4 round robin sf+190 cws+101 stl/cubs over 7.5-102 pays 1.2 units, 1.16 units and .72 units also...