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    CBB Friday

    Yesterday 5-3 + 2.75 with top 2* pick MI coming thru For the Week posted plays 7-7 +1.45* Tonight Marshall -3 -20 (.5*)hosting N Tx (.5*) More offense Richmond +4' @ St Loius(1*) tight game Bradley +9 hosting Drake (1*) Missing players, injuries, suspensions on both team home dog Purdue +2...
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    CBB Thursday 2/25

    Michigan -5 -20 hosting iowa (2*) Michigan plays defense and has bigs to bottle up Garza. Houston -11'hosting W Ky (1*) Houston wins big at home while W Ky on road...not so much MSU +4 hosting Ohio State (1*) MSU current form exceptional, I'll take the Spartan dog here. Detroit -10-20 hosting...
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    Good Luck OB; there's 5 of those games on my card.
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    CBB Thursday 2/25

    Apparently Buffalo knew they should beat the undermanned CMU team and decided to NOT play defense.
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    thurs kids ball

    Good Luck, Houston and Belmont certainly capable
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    CBB Thursday 2/25

    So Far Buffalo shooting 12 of 35 and 0-12 from 3 pt land. Not good!
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    CBB Thursday 2/25

    Two days ago Central Mi lost by 42 points to Miami Ohio. Their top scorer 18ppg and another starter 8ppg did not play in that game. There are no injury reports and the news I can find is that they "SAT OUT" Apparently other players sat out too as they dressed only 9 players. The options for...
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    Wednesday, 2/24/21

    Nice job with college picks
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    CBB Tuesday

    Still believe that Michigan State is not vintage Izzo and although they played a really good game in their win over Indiana, Illinois is on a totally diff level Ill -7 @ MSU Also playing LSU -4' Missouri -3' Fla +2 Tex -3 NBL
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    ncaab tues

    Good Luck; seen that Iowa State + in a few places. Baylor might not be interested.
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    ULM kid misses front end of one and one with. 4 sec left or else you and I get the over
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    OB, thanks for the Ark LR first half play now lets bring in the game total.
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    CBB Monday

    Duke -6 hosting Syracuse I have been down on Duke all year but if you watched the game vs Virginia ( which they won) you saw a growth in this team. They played little defense earlier but now have limited opponents to 65 or less the last 4 games. They are on a mssion and while syracuse will...
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    CBB Monday

    Looks Like E Ky is pissed about the beat down they took on Saturday as they are up by 20 midway thru 2nd half. OOopps.
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    Mon Ncaab

    Moorhead State, Yes