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    Im surprised too I didnt realize what his posts were leading up to . I think its time to ban this guy
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    Dal/Phi thoughts for tonight?

    Here's a right up i found on a handicapper news letter that is quite flattering of the Cowboys new QB tonight The Dallas Cowboys need a feel good victory here after losing four of their last five games. The Dallas Cowboys have lost six straight road games. Andy Dalton is completing 61.2 percent...
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    NFL Thursday Night week 2

    excellent work ! Now the community is counting on you posting all your winners (y)
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    Sat NFL Plays

    Well done !
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    Weekend NFL

    I will be taking the points with Min&Ten. • Since 2014, San Francisco is 1-12-1 ATS as a favorite of at least six points (9-5 outright), including 0-6-1 ATS this season. Each of San Francisco's last five games was decided by seven or fewer points, and all had game-winning plays in the final 10...
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    CFB Sat Night

    excellent sweep !
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    Pinnacle Sports

    I've had these problems with Pinnacle and other online books in that last hour before games. I just bet early now and usually get better lines. I can sympathize with handicapping all day and get shut out trying to get your bets in , its very frustrating.
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    Nfl sunday

    Good Luck Steve , I like hou and arz but the the bears make me cringe , P.S. your up early for a Sunday your getting old my friend :LOL:
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    NFL Today

    I think he has the Phillip Rivers syndrome hahaha
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    NFL Today

    I really believe Drew Brees is holding back his team
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    NFL Today

    I have been sinking like a stone in the ocean the last 3 weeks but Im still going to bet these : Arz +6 TB has been bad home favorite since the beginning of time, TB lost at home to NYG and Arz went into NY and won thats a good enough gauge for me No -13.5 I really think Atl has packed it...
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    Buffalo cincy fishing line

    Im taking Buf and the +3 a 6-2 team vs a 2-6 team and your getting points , sign me up
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    Sunday CFL Playoffs plays

    Like them both GL
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    NFL Today

    Chi -5 - Defense should win this one by themselves TB +3 - Improving bucs team on both sides of the ball like there chances against there division rival Cle +4.5 - SF is something like 1-16 ats as a favorite at home in the last 5 years. We saw how Pitt played in SF I think Clev is better...
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    nice comeback to your day , i needed new orleans for multiple parlays , whew , 4 field goals geez