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    can't believe this!

    I have been playing rotations lately on proline betting many games have been going into OT, its been crazy. Tonight there are games that have a definite possiblilty of staying close...i decided to do a 3 of 5 rotation.....SORRY! PRO LINE HAS STOPPED ACCEPTING TIE BETS BECAUSE THEY...
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    Hello All/need Help

    Hi everyone, I'm writing because i used to be an avid poster her on this forum....truth be told...i took a LONG break from wagering...but have found my way back over the last few months and hate to admit that yes i have been "lurking" here as of late! It has been so long since i posted here...
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    Half time lines question

    hello all, I was just wondering about basketball half time lines. I've been looking at some of the lines that come out in college basketball and and it seems that a lot of times the books have left themselves open to getting middled. If you bet a big dog for the game , and they happen to be...
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    Baron Davis in or out???

    Has anyone heard anything about baron Davis, last i heard is that he is questionable. My thought is, even if he does play, a sore ankle is something that will bother him all game. Detroit is -1.5 right now your help is appreciated Rocky
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    To hedge or not to hedge...that is the question!

    I'm curious to see how most people in the forum reacts when given the opportunity to hedge bets. I am a small time player (nickles and dimes are almost litteral for me!! lol) Two nights ago i was 4 for 4 on a 5 team parlay that paid $200, my fifth game was Sacramento -10.5 over Seattle. I felt...
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    McGrady not playing!

    McGrady not playing! Now only seconds from game time McGrady is not book has taken the game off
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    Could use some rotation help If you have three games that you feel really strong about, what is the best way to bet them to maximize your profits? a 3 team parlay, then also each of them separatly? what percentage for each? I feel equally as good for all three picks, how should i bet them...
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    Raptors +4

    Season opener at coach....after a bad season....i know its NJ but it could be worth a look your thoughts??? Rocky
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    Buff/mia...need Help

    This game has got me baffled Buffalo has looked great so far this year......but i can't see them continuing to play like that! plus the game is in Miami! Please help...who do you like??? Rocky
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    ONT Point spread discrepincies

    Plenty of discrepincies week 1......anyone think proline is giving the players an edge for week one to get the average player hooked for the season??? do i smell a conspiracy theory??? LOL Miami vegas> 14.5 PL-16.5 Indy vegas> 1 PL-3.5 Den vegas> 6 PL-7.5 Det...
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    Gambling Stories

    Hey all, Its been a while since i posted, but since the NFL is finally here, i thought we could kick off the season with your most heartbreaking gambling story! It may give us motivation to make some cash this season!!!! My story....I had the jets -6.5, it was late in the game and the score was...
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    Anyone like the Wizards in this game???? MJ has been hot as of late and Washington is 4-0-1 ATS in last 5 Your thoughts?? Rocky
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    Leafs Stuck in Montreal

    The Leafs couldn't leave Montreal after their game Saturday night because of bad weather.....they will return on Sunday in time to face the morning skate...if they arrive late, could be interesting Rocky
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    just some info i found that may be useful....... after the postponed game against the raps, the wizards have had a few days off.....but...they are 0-3 ATS this year after three or more days rest. The wizrds are 9-16 ATS on the road this year Wizards are shooting 41.8 percent from the floor...
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    Who is on the rockets tonight

    With Shaq out and Kobe not %100....who here like the rockets????"? Rocky