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    MLB Monday

    Thanks for the Blue Jay winnet r
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    NBA Playoffs 04/24

    Thanks for the REAL easy winner r
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    Gimmie your best bet for the Super Bowl

    Not so sure Joe Public is on the Rams as the number in Reno, is 3 1/2
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    NFL Notes

    ticket sales were restricted until this morning to locals. The Rams just opened up sales to anyone. Great stuff as always, ice thanks r
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    day after buffalo bills

    coach: remember , is they kick it high and short the ball can be fair caught so not sure anytime goes off the clock one heck of a game r
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    Thanks for the Italy winner r
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    Fri Jan 14

    with ICE you never know r
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    Fri Jan 14

    over or under
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    Tues Jan 4

    Thanks ice r
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    January 1, 2022

    G, Happy New Year and we look forward to your picks this year as always great start to the New Year r
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    Okie Duck Thread

    As it happens every year Oregon is a fraud r
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    NCSU game cancelled?

    very normal for UCLA
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    VCU at ODU (Saturday Total)

    Easy winner thanks r
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    Saturday NCAAB

    Nice sweep WIZ Thanks r
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    NCAAB Saturday

    SWEEEEP thanks WIZ r