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    to Stickbit, try this re: site Blocked

    Noticed you mentioned in Bawg's thread that you have the Everyedge site blocked at work, same here for me, it stinks don't it?! :(. Our firewall software seems to twig on names such as "betting", "sports", and so on in the http address, so I have gotten around this by surfing by IP address...
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    Soccer question for Matthias_W (Serie B)

    Hi Matthias, I did a little experiment today with all 7 of 10 Serie B games, and made up all 2 game parlays (combos), of Under 2.5. For 7 games choose 2, this is 21 parlays of 2 games each. Looks like 5 of the games came in under, so this would mean 10 winning tickets of the 21. Not at...
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    Soccer - 2 Yellow Card rule - Need clarification

    I see Ballack is out for Germany for the Final, based on a yellow card from a previous game, and one from today's game. Anyone know just how many games these yellow cards carry over for? Is it just one game, or is it for the entire tournament, or just for the games played after the group stage...
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    HONDO takes a Dig at World Cup Soccer

    from re: "And now some World Cup scores: Nil-Nil, Nada-Nil, Nada-Nada, Zip-Nil, Nada-Zip, Zip-Zip, Zip-Nada, Nil-Nada." I set Mr Aitch (aka Hondo) straight by mailing him the following response: Just FYI, of the 17 World Cup Soccer games played so far...
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    We have our first World Cup Upset

    Senegal 1 France 0
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    to BigEd have mail (at thanks
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    Televised Mon/Bos games on CBC French - No commentary!

    Anybody know why these games offer no commentary? Every game of this series has been on CBC French, and yet there is no commentary at all, it's kinda weird watching the game like this. I miss "Le But!!" (I'm on Cogeco Hamilton, btw, if that makes a difference)
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    Wed Soccer

    Champions League today 2:45 EDT Going with one play: 1) ManU/Leverkusen Over 2.5 at -150. Both these teams can score(just look at the last round) , and though the price is not great, I'll take it. ManU should win this game, but at -200 or so, nahh. The 2 outcome allure and better price of...
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    Olympic: Good Karma once again!

    Once again this first class operation proves itself worthy of Everyedge sponsorship. I Emailed support at the and notified them of a time error with a Premiership Soccer Match today. They had it starting at 9am when in fact it started at 2pm (Jamaican time). They adjusted the game...
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    Tues Bos @ Montreal

    I'm a little ahead of things here, but can anyone tell me why I shouldn't hop on the Over 5 at +110 for this game? (Olympic) 7 goals in Game 1 and 10 goals in game 2. Looks like a play on the Over to me.
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    Question for Joe C or other Windsor-ites - re: Allegiance

    Just curious, Who do the majority of Windsor-ites cheer for? Detroit or Toronto? ..and does hockey allegiance transfer over to Baseball as well (ie Tigers/Jays)
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    BigEd: any Soccer action on the Friendlies today?

    I don't like playing the Friendlies (exhibition soccer games), but you always seem to come up with a gem or two. Any plays or good value prospects for you today?
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    HAT or anyone, MLB question re: 1 run games

    I believe it was HAT last year with the stats on the percentage of MLB games being decided by one run. Was it around 35% or some such number? Or was it 35% of the games that were decided by more than one run (ie would be a run line bet winner)? thanks in advance.
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    Fri Soccer England Div 1 and 3

    Trying West Brom Under again, after that debacle last week with Sheff U. 1 unit on Nottingham/WBA Under 2 (to win 2 units) 1 unit on exactly 2 goals (to win 2 units) so net affect is betting 2 units to win 1 (not a great return) Also played West Brom -1/4 to get the away win. Hoping for a...
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    Let's Welcome Swine to the Forum!

    I don't think Swine has been officially welcomed yet, so Welcome Swine!