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    Blame it on Coaster!
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    92nd Grey Cup ~ 2004 Edition @ Ottawa

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    This Week In The CFL~Division Finals

    Dome sweet Dome. After watching the West Division Semi-Final being played outdoors, I expect many of the players and fans will be thankful that the Division Finals will resemble indoor track meets instead of highschool games. I for one, enjoyed the panic that ensued in that emotional stalemate...
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    CFL Playoffs~Division Semi-Finals

    East Division Friday November 5th Hamilton @ Toronto "Wiggles Bowl" Estimated line/total= Toronto -7.5 O/U 47.5 The stench of the previous Argo home game still lingers. Toronto cited "poor scheduling" as the reason for their disgusting performance against the Alouettes last week. I was...
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    CFL...How'dya like them roadapples?

    Can you believe it...I'm almost speechless! Note to Gangreen: LOL! ... You had your chances....get out the woolies for Commy Stadium ... and good luck! You'll need it! ........Love Tinman PS: I expect Toronto and Edmonton to be -4 to -7 home favs when the lines come out Monday. Good luck people!
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    Roughrider News

    RB Kenton Keith will miss the BC game on Saturday due to a concussion. Corey Holmes will start at halfback. Feel free to add.
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    This Week in the CFL #20 of 20 !!!

    This is like Bob and Doug's version of the 8 days of Christmas where it was too hard to sing the last four they just chugged beer. Sorry for my truancy....when the weather starts changing on the prairie, my schedule becomes more erratic than the Argonauts performance in sub zero...
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    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

    As I type ..... It's a balmy but dry -1 here in old pile o bones with an east wind at 20 k's gusting to 30. When we get an east wind, it usually means precipitation. The forcast is for a high of +1 on Sunday with a similar wind strength and direction....and 1-3 cm of the white stuff overnight...
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    C...onfounded Football League

    Strap on your seatbelts. The 2004 CFL season has taken more twists, turns and spills than a Jamaican bobsled run. I actually had enough time to watch most of the Hamilton / Winnipeg game tonight and I am almost speechless. Sorry for my absence lately, but life and work are totally insane and...
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    This Week in the CFL #15 of 20

    Estimated lines: Fri. Sept. 24th BC (9-3) -7.5 @ Calgary (2-11) O/U 56 Sat. Sept. 25th Winnipeg (6-7) @ Montreal (11-1) -10.5 O/U 50 Sat. Sept. 25th Toronto (6-5-1) @ Edmonton (7-6) -7 O/U 54 Sun. Sept. 26th Ottawa (5-8) @ Saskatchewan (5-8) -6 O/U 54 Some trends/info: -Hamilton gets the bye...
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    This Week in the CFL #14 of 20

    Meanwhile .... back at the ranch, Matthew was heard to utter, I'm thinkin' you boy's owe us one ... the Navy crew are busy preparing to visit the resurgent Airforce and the Schmoes have a heavy date out in Lotusland with the Leos. For the Rider's .... well, payback is a bitch! Estimated lines...
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    This Week in the CFL #13 of 20

    ***The lines are only estimates in these previews*** Friday Sept. 10 Calgary (3-8) @ Edmonton (6-5) -13 O/U 54 "Fab Five, four quarters, three days rest, two bitter rivals, one more time, no Maas! The Stamps will be climbing into the ring at Commy Stadium with rubbery legs ..... a place where...
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    Riderville weather & props

    21C @ 2:15 pm Wind is 35 gusting to 44 from NW. The kicking games and punting will be affected if the wind keeps up until game time and it usually does here. Last game Sask. kicker Paul McCallum had his shoulder dislocated after an errant field goal attempt. He was creamed by Schmoe reciever...
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    This week in the CFL #12 of 20

    Labo(u)r Day is music to my ears. Hi neighbors! Although it signals an end to the "Crazy, Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer" ... the labour day weekend ushers in my favorite time of year. The sounds of children back frolicking in the school grounds, geese honking overhead and rowdy football fans are...
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    If you see this I like Moreal under 48 and Edmo -8.5 in the CFL thread... I'm going to be out for the day . Thanks in advance!