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    Week 12 criminals

    Well I guess I had more faith in the Jets with a full array of weapons to be able to do anything..........such is this past time........... SF +5.5 and over 44 - 2* ea KC -3.5 - 1* Chi/GB under 44 - 3* by the way. I was gonna take a 1* poke at NO/Den over 36 but my book took it off the board.
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    Fins & the Jets

    Great call RG. Really sorry to hear about your wife sir. My wife and I will add her to our prayers. Stay strong my friend...........
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    Week 12

    GL and welcome to the forum
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    Week 12 criminals

    Thanks guys. Just a hint for later.............I am eying the over in NO/Den o_O
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    Sun Nov 29

    GL today music suggestions for the day?
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    nfl sun

    Time to totally win some dough bases.........GL today
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    GL today Og.
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    NFL Week 12

    GL today Dawg. Like my Bills and over also
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    NFL Sunday

    GL today Ohara. Like the card
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    Week 12 criminals

    Great day yesterday with a 6-1 finish. I also noticed that I forgot to tag my Navy play as a 1* increase in my last post on the thread yesterday. No matter, it was a winner at either 2* or 3*...................... Mia/NYJ over 44 - 4* So it's a Fitz start and Darnold comes back with all 3...
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    Sunday NFL

    GL today Neil. I agree LV should have the upper hand today
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    nfl sun

    GL today joeb
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    NFL Sunday Picks

    GL today IP. see your barking all the way to the late game
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    Back From The Dead

    GL and welcome home
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    Turkey Trot Sunday

    Roll on G. Turkey trot still on the plus side
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    NFL Plays

    GL today coach. Glad I never saw a bike like that in my hood......😲
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    Fins & the Jets

    GL today RG. Was wondering if all was OK down in the south.............glad to see your back
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    Golden Contender: Sunday NFL Power System Play- Browns vs Jags

    Thx for the system play GC and best of luck to ya...............
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    NFL 11/29

    I like it. Darnold will have all 3 receivers (Crowder, Perriman and Mims) today for the first time this season to boot. Don't think it matters (though it seems to be Fitz) who is under center for Mia, this should line up good to sail over. GL ghost..........
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    GL today OB. Good looking teaser that should cover IMO.