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    nfl sun

    time to bounce back with these nfl chargers-bills over cleaveland team total over indy-tenn over
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    sat foots

    really liking big both alabama-auburn over the total aklabama team total over
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    what i plyed houston hou-det over teased at 7 points big hou with hou-det over hous team total over
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    sun nfl

    liking early newengland newengland team total over balt-ten over carolina-detroit over
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    NFL sunday

    liking early cleaveland-houston over 45 and a half points Browns are 13-0 to the Over coming off a game where they threw for less than 200 yards including 3-0 over this nfl season going over by an average of 23 points plus houston 4-0 to the over this nfl season on the road as well i like...
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    sun total i like

    liking sea-buff over sea 3-0 to the over this season on the rd when total atleast 47 seattle 5-0 to the over this seaon coming off a game where Russell Wilson threw at least 3 touchdowns as well seattle been lighting up on the rd this season need buffalo to keep pace for total to go over
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    tues mlb

    mlb if there is one game houston will take in the searies,,i believe its today,,they dont want to go down 3-0,,so i think houston wins today,,but thats it for the series
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    liking yanks yanks-tbay over yanks team total over 4 and a half
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    wed mlb

    liking atl miami over miami team total over
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    sunday nfl

    liking early ariz-car over seattle team total over parlay on moneyline big dallas with greenbay
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    mlb tues

    liking tb-tor over 7 and a half runs tor team total over 2 and a half runs seems tempting
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    sunday nfl

    liking sf-nyg over cle-wash over ny jets teased at 7 points atl with tbay
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    sat foots

    played oklahoma-k state over 33 points for the 1st half
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    thurs mlb

    thurs played sanfran - 1 and a half runs
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    tues mlb

    liing gm 1 of doubleheader phillies-wash over 6 and a half runs as well as phillies team total over
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    wheres jason or shrek. enjoyed there insights in football

    wheres jason or shrek. enjoyed there insights in football
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    tues mlb

    really like these two plays mlb cincinatti Piitsburgh Pirates are 0-7 this MLB Season as a road dog off a game as a dog in which they allowed 5+ walks tbay-wash over wash 5-0 over last 7 times they have been a rd dog
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    thurs mlb

    liking houston-texas over and houston team total over 4 and a half runs
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    mlb sun

    liking phillies and houston today in mlb
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    wed hoops

    played big butler-xavier over score score