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    NFL Sunday

    wasn't close on the lions on Thursday iim working tmr no time to cap just 1 ml parlay Browns+Giants+Hawks...3 units to win 4.39 units GL
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    Happy Turkey Day Plays

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my EE American friends stay safe and stay home. lol Lions +3...2 units Lions cant play any worse than they did last week Houston D is shaky look for Startford to pick the D apart GL
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    taking the Rams+5 looking for the Rams D to give Brady fits and rams offence should be able to score against the TB D Rams+5-120..2 units
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    Sunday NFL

    Houston +2.......2 units I dont trust Cam even though they beat the ravens last week Cinci +2..2 units Washington d is horrible and Smith at qb is not the answer I like Burrows to be able handle the offence today. Broncos under 46.2 units Tua has not played in Mile High and the D will give him...
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    Saturday Kids ball

    won my 2 plays on friday hope to continue success on Saturday P. st ml.2 units Even though Penn st is ofer for the year think they get a win over Iowa Cincy -4-110..2 units UCF will have trouble scoring against this Bearcats D OHio st over 67..2 units both teams will be able to score GL
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    Friday Kids ball

    Mine +3-122.2 units Minnesota had a bad game vs Iowa looking for a big bounce back vs a weaker opponent Minnesota tt over 28.5..2 units Dont trust Purdue d at all will add more later on GL
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    Thursday NFL +Kid football

    going against a lot of peeps here but I m playing Seattle -3 Seattle lost 3/4 haven't looked good and now playing a good team in the Cards in the game Seattle lost to the cards couple of bad plays cost them the game. Seattle gets back Hyde will help and I think Carroll will have a game plan to...
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    going with the home team bears +4-120..3 units divisional game saw cousins record for mnf new play calling for Foles as long as bears can contain cook should be fine
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    rams ml-135...3 units Seattle has lots of injuries on both sides dont think Wilson can carry this team vs the rams Donkeys+4-120..3 units Divisional game should be a tight game through out . Chargers+2..2 units Mia should be favoured by more fishy line I will take the bait on the chargers GL
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    Kids football

    going give this a try V Tec ml-130 unranked team vs a ranked team at home is favoured its an auto play for me UCF 1st half-14 this team starts out fast in the 1H also temple sucks BC 1H+6.5 BC +12 Big let down for ND after beating out #1 Clemson all for 2 units GL
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    going with the Colts here line is fishy as colts sucked last week titans at home with 4-1 record and they are underdogs also Tits are playing the Ravens next week so they will have that in their mind. Rivers will be a lot better this week Colts ml-120.....3 units GL
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    Sunday NFL

    My picks has been bad so fade away donkeys +4 Falcons D blows Ravens pk Will give Jackson 1 more crack as I think they are a better team than the colts Vikings -4 Stratford hasn’t practice all week and having Davin cook back made the Vikings that much better team . all 2 units
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    1sob NFL

    Sorry late post Packers tt over 27.5 Browns pk Bears +5 tailing RG on Pit over 44 all for 1 please fade im not doing well lol GL
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    1sob picks

    haven't done well so far Det +2 Houston +3 Tit ml-120 GL
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    1sob MNF

    Dallas -1 Dallas over 55.5 2 units each no D on both sides and red carrot will carry Dallas to a win. GL
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    1sob NFL picks

    Bears+1.5 Bears D will give teddy trouble Hou+4 Tenny on short days rest Houston's new coach and fresh voice Houston is a better team than the record is TB +1 TB is getting healthier still dont trust GB D Brady should have a field day MNF KC-3-120 same as tenny Bills scheduling will catch up...
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    MLB Friday

    going to play this now Astros won the last 2 and now face the Ace from TB Snell will shut the Astos and go on to the WS Rays-126...4 units
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    NFL Picks

    Falcons ml-133...2 units not a believer in Bridgewater like Ryan to pick apart Panthers D also this is Quinn's last game if Falcons doesn't win . Browns +1-105..2 units toughest test for the Colts Browns pulls off a close win. GL
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    MLB playoffs

    A's series-130...3 units I will take the better team even though Astros are the defending champions no garbage cans this year. A's under 4.5 1st 5.. 2 units
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    1sob NFL picks

    Jack+3-120 cinci future looks bright but still a rookie at qb and missing few players jack has had extra rest and look for them to bounce back for the win vikings +4-115 both teams looking for a win both are equal on both sides will take the points 2 units on each game GL