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  1. Upordie

    NFL Sunday Picks

  2. Upordie

    MNF 11/16

    Called for help on that island. Glad the Vikings showed up 🥶
  3. Upordie

    MNF 11/16

    Taking Winnesota -3 for 3 Bandicas GLTA
  4. Upordie

    monday niter

    Vegas!! Just like the browns game.. Vegas
  5. Upordie

    SNF 11/8

    Go big Saints +3 GLTA
  6. Upordie

    Everyedge Pick 6 Contest

    Best forum in the webs
  7. Upordie

    NCAA 10/17

    Taking Louisville +17 5*... GLTA
  8. Upordie

    TNF Total Play

  9. Upordie

    Tues NBA gm 4

    Taking LAL -7.5 O218.5 GLTA
  10. Upordie

    Friday night lights/ NBA finals gm2

    Single LAL -10..O216.5 Single BYU -24 GLTA.
  11. Upordie


    Taking Jets PK.. and total o41.5 GLTA
  12. Upordie

    NBA Finals gm 1

    Taking LAL -5 for 5 benjis. been on a losing streak lately so tread lightly.. plays are based off other wagers in a pool of🐟🐠... GLTA
  13. Upordie

    Everyedge Pick 6 NFL Contest is back!

    Hey everyone, just joined the forum here kind of,,, I’ve been on and off just lurking for the past 3 years 😂😂 will start posting my plays this NFL season. GLTA -Upordie