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  1. CanadianCoates

    Happy US Thanksgiving

    Booked today and tomorrow off. Just cracked a beer. Teaser Turkey Houston Texans +10.5 over 39 Dallas Cowboys +10.5 over 33 Stay safe my EE friends
  2. CanadianCoates


    I'm surprised none of our US members here haven't posted up some picks. Heard a guy in UK bet million pounds on Biden.
  3. CanadianCoates

    Monday Night Guess Work

    Did hit teaser yesterday, gave some back last night, who expected defenses to show up? Tonight two plays, First touchdown of the game Tate +1500 Rushing Yards for Daniel Jones Over 25.5 (he's averaging 40 per game). BOLA
  4. CanadianCoates

    Friday Night Lights Teaser

    For action Minny - 7' Tulsa - 6' Wyoming +9' BOLA
  5. CanadianCoates

    NFL Super Tease

    Split last night Put in a super teaser for Sunday. Indianapolis Colts +11 Los Angeles Rams +10 Pittsburgh Steelers +17.5 Seattle Seahawks +10.5 -140
  6. CanadianCoates

    NCAA Thirstday

    Lost the MLB play last night to continue a terrible October. World series kicked my ass. Onward Battle of the South teams. South Bama Georgia South over 51 CSS Fresno under 59 Tread light my first NCAA plays of the season. And they're degen for action bets. 😂😂
  7. CanadianCoates

    Ray's Dodgers

    Do or die for the Ray's, hoping they get the win. Going with over 8 tonight. Bats should be lively. 5-4 Rays
  8. CanadianCoates

    Monday Night Football

    Hate Mondays, Going Bears ML, Bears +3' first half Bears +6.
  9. CanadianCoates

    Thirst Day NFL

    Laid off last night, book has taken the prop off MLB, guess it a good thing since neither game 1 or 2 hit. Tonight lean to under Philly receivers hurting, both defenses should be tough, playing.. Half draw full Giants +1600 Eagles +1200 Threw in a weekend teaser also Buffalo Bills 1.0...
  10. CanadianCoates

    MLB World Series

    Well they made it. Didn't think they would get here when the season started. Had entered the half full prop this morning. Get notice this afternoon they voided the bet, stated error in lines then took it off the board entirely. Played Ray's +140
  11. CanadianCoates

    MNF Double Header

    Not a great Sunday on the board but did get alot of work done around the yard and wood shed for winter prep.. Didn't end up hedging Braves which was a mistake. Monday double header Chiefs off a tough loss as are Bill's. I think Bill's have been overhyped. Rather easy schedule to start...
  12. CanadianCoates

    Happy Sunday

    Teaser balanced the day yesterday. No pitcher listed yet for LA so waiting on odds. Probably hedge my Braves play, have them to win that series and also to win WS from earlier. Will play the half draw full both once pitcher listed. Riding NFL teaser with Tenny in the bank. Need Minnesota...
  13. CanadianCoates

    Saturday MLB NCAA

    No bones with the props lost a bit on the day, tailing Seymour as well some live bets helped. Dday for Houston or TB, I think Astros have an edge. Playing the half time draw and full time both teams are +900 Braves Dodgers over 8', second time round for Fried LA should get to him. Walker and...
  14. CanadianCoates

    Fryday Plays

    Big night last night, hope to keep rolling. It's May Day for the Dodgers, literally. Really like them to win in this spot but don't like the juice required. Sticking with the half draw full LA +850 Atlanta +1100 Rays Stros lean to Rays to wrap this one up. Also like the under. Going half...
  15. CanadianCoates

    Thirsty Plays

    Hit the Astros play last night short loss on the day. Tonight Half draw full Atlanta +1100 LAD +900 Astros ML and over 9.5 BOLA enjoy the games
  16. CanadianCoates

    Hump Day MLB

    The usual, both games half draw full both. Also played STROS ML, don't think they get swept as much as I'd like them too.
  17. CanadianCoates

    Tuesday MLB

    So sort of a weird story yesterday. I bet the full time half time lines on Sunday night for the AL series, and they also had odds for the NL series. So I threw in a bet there also. Yesterday morning I checked my pending bets and there was no NL play, I thought weird I played it but figured...
  18. CanadianCoates

    Monday Plays

    Hit a teaser but got screwed in the 5th on the MLB play. Today Already have the NL game half full in, Will add the AL game as well. Back later with NFL play
  19. CanadianCoates

    Happy Thanksgiving EE

    Hope everyone has a great day. Riding the teaser I have going posted earlier. Three to go. Half draw full Stros +900 Rays +800 Turkey going in soon. Stay safe all.
  20. CanadianCoates

    Yanks Rays

    Padres couldn't get it done, would have been a different series if their two best pitchers were healthy I think they will be a good bet for futures in 2021 IMO Tonight Going half draw full both sides. +900 TB +750 NYY This round has been brutal for these plays. Playing every night is hard on...