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  1. CanadianCoates

    Back From The Dead

    Welcome back! Hell of a day, congratz
  2. CanadianCoates

    Fins & the Jets

    Nice call RG
  3. CanadianCoates

    NFL Plays

    Nice rebound bud
  4. CanadianCoates

    Bird Day Foots

    Nice work, man the Cowboys are just brutal. Beat down by the WFT at home
  5. CanadianCoates

    Happy US Thanksgiving

    Didn't need to tease that game lol. Nice day out of Fuller for you. I'm mathematically eliminated, bring on hockey lol
  6. CanadianCoates

    Happy US Thanksgiving

    Nope don't dabble in the whiskey anymore. Have the odd Rum once in awhile though👍 Decent first game so far.
  7. CanadianCoates

    Happy US Thanksgiving

    Hell no. 😁
  8. CanadianCoates

    Turkey Day Plays

    BOL bus is full on the Texas teams
  9. CanadianCoates

    Happy US Thanksgiving

    Booked today and tomorrow off. Just cracked a beer. Teaser Turkey Houston Texans +10.5 over 39 Dallas Cowboys +10.5 over 33 Stay safe my EE friends
  10. CanadianCoates

    Turkey Day Plays

    GL Sam, I'm on the same NFL plays. GO TEXAS
  11. CanadianCoates

    Happy Turkey Day Plays

    BOL SoB
  12. CanadianCoates

    Turkey Trot

    GL today have a great TG
  13. CanadianCoates

    Bird Day Foots

    GL Tin
  14. CanadianCoates

    Turkey Day Plays

    GL Lidder
  15. CanadianCoates

    CFB - Turkey Week

    GL, tailing both
  16. CanadianCoates

    Phi -4 @NYG 3u

    They need to give Hurts the ball.
  17. CanadianCoates

    Tuesday MAC action

    Great call OB! Thank you.
  18. CanadianCoates

    Tuesday MAC action

    Tailing thanks for the post
  19. CanadianCoates

    MNF play

    Nice win Mike!