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  1. Ozzy

    NFL Today

    I have been sinking like a stone in the ocean the last 3 weeks but Im still going to bet these : Arz +6 TB has been bad home favorite since the beginning of time, TB lost at home to NYG and Arz went into NY and won thats a good enough gauge for me No -13.5 I really think Atl has packed it...
  2. Ozzy

    NFL Today

    Chi -5 - Defense should win this one by themselves TB +3 - Improving bucs team on both sides of the ball like there chances against there division rival Cle +4.5 - SF is something like 1-16 ats as a favorite at home in the last 5 years. We saw how Pitt played in SF I think Clev is better...
  3. Ozzy

    NFL Today

    Just trying to beat the curse of posting losers here Bal +5.5 - I think balty is statistically better than KC they can run and pass very effectively and KC is lacking big time in the run game everything relies on Patrick Min -8 - Minny will run all day and control the tempo just like they...
  4. Ozzy

    NFL Today

    DEN +2 - a tough defense in there home opener off a loss against an unimpressive bears offense on the road I'll take the points Cin +1 - Andy Dalton threw for 400yrds last week in a hostile enviroment ,Mixon should play. Cant see SF winning 2 in a row on the east coast LAC -1.5 - chargers...
  5. Ozzy

    Green Bay at Detroit

    Last year primetime games were an excellent over bet but this year that has changed. Thursday games are 5-9 o/u Detroit is 5-5 o/u last ten and GB is 3-7 o/u last 10 and the total from there last match up was 34. Here is a tidbit from another site that convinced me of this bet. NFL Division...
  6. Ozzy

    Draft Kings

    Does anyone here play this game ? I was listening to sports radio here and heard this the fastest growing business in the usa . It will take in and payout more than all of mlb. They spent more in advertising than any other company in the last month. MLB is a shareholder and the NHL has some...
  7. Ozzy

    My Sunday Ticket

    Kc -1 - with foster out A.Johnson gone to indy and a new qb I cant see how houston can win here unless JJ plays on offense too Mia -3.5- Lots to like with miami with alot of new quality additions and the maturation ( Michael Irvins favourite word ) of Tannehill. Redskins are a mess and the...
  8. Ozzy

    Did You Know....

    NFC vs AFC have gone 35-11 O/U this year and 4-0 last week. There are 4 match ups this week. Det@Pitt 45 Bal@Chi 41.5 Arz@Jax 40 NE@Car 45.5 Good Luck to all ...
  9. Ozzy

    Money Transfer options

    I have never had a paypal account or anything like it but I am ready to choose a service to deal with betcris. I live in Toronto and want to know your experiences with these services and recommend a service for my need. Thanks .....
  10. Ozzy

    Dubai world cup

    Is there anywhere to watch these races for free on the web ? Thanks
  11. Ozzy

    Sunday NHL

    Got to continue the ride on the capitals bandwagon with everyone else .. Wash - 1.5 +110 and Ov 6 -120 GL everyone
  12. Ozzy

    Nhl 1/30/10

    Washington continues there dominant ways and easily puts fla. away to bring my ytd here to 6-2 +4.6 units OTT -1.5 +160 - the thing that impresses me most during ottawas 8 game win streak is the 1.0 GA average during that span while montreal sputters along 2-5 last 7 losing the last 2 to fla...
  13. Ozzy

    Friday NHL

    2-1 yesterday as SJ rally fell short and the hawks pull out a victory in a tough situation and look stanley cup bound. Edm continues there streak of losses and Ott is really rolling right now, keep and eye on them. Wash -1.5 +115 - Very hot team right now, winners 11 of there last 12 couldnt be...
  14. Ozzy

    Gettem Early Thursday

    2-0 yesterday now I'm feeling lucky gonna try 3 today ... SJ -130 just like the fact this is chicago's 7th road game in a row and SJ has won there last five, should be a great game Stl -130 oilers are 1-19 in there last 20 ! wow , this isnt rocket science Ott +150 How can you not like...
  15. Ozzy

    Weds. NHL

    Yesterday 1-1 the leafs were outmatched in every aspect of that game and look forward to betting against them again. Nash couldnt catch up and lost a close one , onto today ... Dallas has a solid home record this year going 14-5-5 and winners of 7 of the there last 10 at home. Calgary has gone...
  16. Ozzy

    Tuesday NHL

    Well football is almost over and I am not a big fan of basketball so I'm back to my roots with some hockey picks NASH actually has a better road record than home record and has won the last 5 against columbus but comes in with a three game losing streak but it doesnt worry me against this...
  17. Ozzy

    NFL Today

    Buf vs. Ind Under 33 This line opened at 36 now down to 33 or less. This is one very miserable weather day in Buf. The high today is -19 celius ( -4 F for my american friends ) 30 km winds ( 20 mph ) and a steady stream of misty snow. Here is a dome team that has zero motivation to be here let...
  18. Ozzy

    The definition of a whale

    Think you have been on a bad losing streak check this article out|aim|dl1|link4|
  19. Ozzy

    week 10 Road Warriors

    rare post for me but I hope to contribute something positive today. Just happens that the teams I like are all on the road today. KC +2 vs. Oak - Oakland comes off a bye and gets mcfadden back today and IMO they need more than a week of rest and an under achieving rb to be favoured against...
  20. Ozzy

    NFL Today

    ARZ +1@NYJ - Cardinals lead the Jets in just about every catagory and have covered there last three on the road against the AFC. I think the hype about Brett taking the jets to the playoffs is fading fast and I just heard he is listed as questionable for today. I just cant get the fact out of my...