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    Sunday NCAAB

    Kappa, in and out, just not in as much ill be back, not to worry thanks r
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    Sentry Tournament of Champions - Kapalua

    always look forward to your golf insight thanks r
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    NCAA Hoops play Dec 31

    Great call, MP thanks r
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    Nice call on UCLA Thanks r
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    nice call on both 2nd halves
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    MNF Play

    Thanks Coach r
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    Mon Nov 30

    nice call on ALR
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    A couple of Totals & a Side

    Great day, coach thanks r
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    Tuesday College Foots

    Thanks, Tin easy winner r
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    MNF play

    easy one, thanks coach r
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    Saturday College Foots

    GREAT day, Tinner thanks r
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    Saturday College Foots

    That was one of the easier ones thanks r
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    TNF in Charlotte

    Nice to you back take care r
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    WS Game 6

    Kappa, the hitters can eliminate the shift if they want to
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    WS Game 6

    Analytics hate them
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    MNF, Bears @ Rams

    Thanks, Greg r
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    Sunday Felons

    Note to self: never bet on Scam Newton
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    Couple of NFL plays

    SWEEEEP thanks, lid r