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    Taking a shot

    Rider ml Nbl
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    UCLA vs Cincy

    Taking a chance with college Taking UCLA +3 buying a .5 Follow with care. No bad luck
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    Trying my luck

    Over 42- NE Follow with care. BOL
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    Super pick six contest

    Congratulations on great win Neilrules. Looking forward to next year. Thanks Everyedge for having the contest. Great job, Sam!!!
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    Goes early college bb

    Gonna take a shot on Temple as a pick. Tread lightly.
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    Will try my hand at posting my 2 plays tonight.

    Middle Tenn +2 New Mexico +4 All 4 1 unit No bad luck
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    Havana Your handicapping will be missed!!!

    Havana, thank you for all of your solid capping work. I don't post a lot but certainly look for yours and a few others work to confirm my plays or take a second look at them. May your break be short (selfish on my part). Sail on my friend, you will be missed. Kram aka Mark
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    Trying again Tuesday

    Playing Listed White Sox -18 x2 Yanks have trouble with lefties and Arod factor. Cubs +05 Braves +09 Streak Dodgers -50 Streak Dodgers -1- +05 All in a sidecar for a half unit. NBL
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    Going to try my luck on Monday's card

    Been lurking for years, now time to share my plays. Will be playing: Listed pitchers Texas -05 Detroit -13 Atlanta +18 Dodgers +40 NY Yankees -04 Let's hope I don't jinx myself. Playing the the big 9 to win the PGA at even money as well.
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    Viewing the CFL

    Does anyone know where I can watch the game tonight online? Thanks
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    Worst beat ever!!!

    Sorry for this post, I have to vent somewhere. I played Western Kentucky -3 for the game. Saw how they looked in the first half and decided to double up on Miss Valley St. +2 1/2 at half, with 5min left in the game Miss Valley St up by 16 and looked in control of the game. I have never seen such...
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    Tuesday 4pack

    For what its worth will be playing Cubs - 12 White Sox - Even LA Dodgers - 36 LA Dodger U8 - 20 4Team side car with all.
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    Games on the internet

    Help, someone posted a site for watching games on the internet, if you could repost that would be great. Thanks for your help in advance.