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  1. Pjames221

    CBB Tuesday Jan 5

    I grabbed Holy Cross and Toledo from your post. Thanks so much. I am now having a nice afternoon... I appreciate it...
  2. Pjames221

    Everyedge Pick 6 Winner!

    Congratulations, Bill. Just let me know where you want this baby sent and I will get it right out to you. To the champion go the spoils...
  3. Pjames221

    EE Community together again

    I have been thinking about how to ask this question for a few days. I will just throw it out there and see where it goes... I feel very fortunate to have an online area where we all have the same interests and everybody is respectful, helpful and seem to care about each other and just seem to...
  4. Pjames221

    One big bet , first time in a Bowl game jaja haha

    JAJAJAJAJA One bet take all the money Great to see you post, Alberto. Go OSU +7 Alberto, I will never forget a run you went on a number of years ago in exhibition baseball. It was unbelievable... So glad you and many others are back. Great start to 2021
  5. Pjames221

    New Years Day Super Tease

    Good luck on the +21, CC
  6. Pjames221

    New Years Eve Live Thread

    That may have been one of the worst quarterback plays I've ever seen. The WV quarterback will rival the Wake QB if he keeps that up. He needs to disguise throwing the game quite a bit better during the second half..
  7. Pjames221

    New Years Eve Live Thread

    As long as they both score less than 40. I will accept a 20-17 Arm win
  8. Pjames221

    New Years Eve Live Thread

    I know it only takes a slight defensive lapse by West Virginia but I honestly don't see how army's going to score more than 10 points in this game. I am fine with that as I have the under 40.5 but also a little on the EE Army money line bus
  9. Pjames221

    Badgers vs Wake Forest in the Mayo Bowl

    Sorry for the bum steer. I really think Wake plus 10 was the right side but QB play for Wake Forest proved to but slightly sub-par, he said nicely... Wisconsin does not have the best offense in the world but when you have five touchdown drives like the ones listed below I guess you don't need...
  10. Pjames221

    Badgers vs Wake Forest in the Mayo Bowl

    I am a Badger fan here I'm Madison and this team has struggled to score every since the Michigan game. Both senior WR have been out numerous games and won't play today. Frosh starting RB Berger is back from COVID but may not bounce back well and he is only a freshman. The O Line is no where near...
  11. Pjames221

    2020 Bowl Season

    If anybody can sling it around though it's the Miami quarterback King so let's hope he gets to work sooner than later. It pains me to say this but Go Canes. (And not Canes1016 from years ago)
  12. Pjames221

    2020 Bowl Season

    What is it about these damn teams from Miami and the bowl games. Wisconsin took care of them two years in a row. They lost last year to Louisiana Tech I believe. Now they're getting boat raced by Oklahoma State. Unbelievable.
  13. Pjames221

    OGs of EE

    For an incredible walk down memory lane, go to the hour glass search above and type in Fixer. Then find the thread I have screenshot from November 18, 2009. I read that post and memories flood back from all the craziness back 11 years ago. Many great names in that thread still posting...
  14. Pjames221

    OGs of EE

    JAJAJAJAJA One bet take all the money
  15. Pjames221

    OGs of EE

    Who could forget Fixer? He was great until he started selling picks in a website
  16. Pjames221

    College Bowl Season - Day 3

    I am on a Louisiana Tech outright win. I look at this just like some NFL preseason games. Some coaches put emphasis and like to win preseason games. It seems like Skip Holtz puts a lot of emphasis on really wanting to win the bowl games as opposed to just trying to play a bunch of players and...
  17. Pjames221

    Live thread Tulane Nevada

    I guess Leonard Fournette got my friend request as he apparently stomped on Ronald Jones' thumb putting Mr Jones tentatively out this weekend again ... We have updated projections...
  18. Pjames221

    Live thread Tulane Nevada

    I bet on Nevada to win because their head coach, Jay Norvell, graduated from high school the same year I did in Madison. We played against each other in football and basketball. He ended up going to Iowa as a defensive back and ended up having a nice life revolving around football. Good for him...
  19. Pjames221

    NFL Week 15

    G So happy to hear about your little sister. That will be by far the best news of the holiday season... Merry Christmas to all... Peter
  20. Pjames221


    Thanks for the UMass wager. With all these basketball games during the day I need to just quit my job so that I can keep track of all this stuff. You, O'hara and SGR have been a god-send. Thanks to all of you