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    Michigan @ Minny +5.5

    Great call!
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    NCAA Hoops/FB Jan 11th

    Thanks for the Buffs winner! Good luck rest of the way on the Bama game.
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    NFL Sunday

    Great call MP!!! Excellent calls!!! Good luck on the NC game tonight!!!
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    Monday NCAAB

    Good luck Wiz!
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    NFL Sunday Plays

    Good luck Todd. Rooting for a Steelers win and Browns cover myself lol
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    NCAAB Sunday

    2-1 for a nice winning day!!!
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    Minny @ Iowa -9 Sunday

    Great call on Iowa!!! Congrats!!!
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    NCAAB Sunday

    Thank you for Morgan State over! Another easy winner!! Much appreciated. Good luck on the last one.
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    NCAAB Sunday

    Thanks for the early winner!! Great call again man!! Solid posts as always. Good luck on the last two!
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    Sunday NCAAB

    Another winner!!! Thanks Wiz!! Great call!! rtuition??? Where you at???
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    NCAAB Saturday

    Thanks for another winner Gizmo!! Great call!
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    Saturday Picks

    Good luck IP!! Like this spot for Minny. Losers of 6 straight (most of them double digit blowouts) catching only 4.5 points? Very fishy line. Spurs coming off back to back wins over the two LA teams - line should be -7 to -8 IMO with KAT still out??? Opened at -5.5 and gone down to -4.5??? RLM...
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    NCAAB Saturday

    Thanks for the winner Wiz!! Good to have you back again.
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    WC weekend

    Great call! Thanks for the over!! Hopefully Bills hang on to win.
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    NCAAB Saturday

    Good luck buddy and nice to see you back again.
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    NFL Wildcard Weekend

    Welcome back berry! Good to see you man!!! Solid as ever!!!
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    Thanks for the Buffs winner! Great call!
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    Tuesday NCAAB

    Another easy winner!!! Thanks!
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    Tuesday NCAAB

    Thanks for the easy winner!! Never in doubt. Happy New Year and thanks for posting.
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    One bet take all the money , jajajaja go in 30 minutes one NFL 1half

    Thanks Alberto jajajajajajaja great call new benjis