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  1. Jalen

    NFL Conference Championships

  2. Jalen

    Championship Sunday...1 Massive Play...

    Good Luck Berry, Glad your on KC as well.
  3. Jalen

    NFL Conference Championships

    These bets were placed on Wednesday.
  4. Jalen

    NFL Conference Championships

    Agree with Berry on the Packers. Rodgers is on a mission, and looks unstoppable. Yes Tom Brady played in cold weather in NE, but he practiced in TB all year. Plus he’s old and not mobile at all. Second game Patrick Mahomes and his teammates has been here’s done it before. Experience will be a...
  5. Jalen

    Springer to the Jays

    Jays did something that they never do sign one of the top free agents. All star player. Over 30 though. Still great signing for the jays
  6. Jalen

    Conference Super Tease

    Good Luck CC! Like it. I’m just taking the Bills to win it all. They are just clicking right now.
  7. Jalen

    Anyone bet the browns ML?

    I thought it was super risky call. Glad the pass was complete I would of lost it. I would rather tried pining them deep, but I’m not coach Reed. Insane Call
  8. Jalen

    Anyone bet the browns ML?

    KC’s defense stepping up 😪
  9. Jalen

    Anyone bet the browns ML?

    This is gonna be a nail bitter? Is Mahomes out for good? Crazy turnaround
  10. Jalen

    Sunday NFL

    Like both favorites...parlaying KC money line with NO. KC/NO ML+100......5 units NO -3.....5units GL!
  11. Jalen

    Sat Div games

    Great Day BB! Congrats!
  12. Jalen

    Sunday NFL Plays

    Good Luck 1sob!
  13. Jalen

    Saturday NFL

  14. Jalen

    Sat Divisional Round..:.Going Big!!!

    Congrats Berry!!
  15. Jalen

    Divisional Weekend

    Nice start with the Packers, good luck with your plays!
  16. Jalen

    Sat Divisional Round..:.Going Big!!!

    Great start Berry! Let go Bills!
  17. Jalen

    Saturday NFL

    Congrats on the Packers Neil! Let’s get the last one
  18. Jalen


    Good Luck OB!
  19. Jalen

    Sat Divisional Round..:.Going Big!!!

    On them both as well, good luck Berry!
  20. Jalen

    NFL Playoffs

    Good Luck 1sob! On other side of the Bills game. The slick field will hurt Lamar Jackson IMO.