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    CBB Friday

    Yesterday 5-3 + 2.75 with top 2* pick MI coming thru For the Week posted plays 7-7 +1.45* Tonight Marshall -3 -20 (.5*)hosting N Tx (.5*) More offense Richmond +4' @ St Loius(1*) tight game Bradley +9 hosting Drake (1*) Missing players, injuries, suspensions on both team home dog Purdue +2...
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    CBB Thursday 2/25

    Two days ago Central Mi lost by 42 points to Miami Ohio. Their top scorer 18ppg and another starter 8ppg did not play in that game. There are no injury reports and the news I can find is that they "SAT OUT" Apparently other players sat out too as they dressed only 9 players. The options for...
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    CBB Tuesday

    Still believe that Michigan State is not vintage Izzo and although they played a really good game in their win over Indiana, Illinois is on a totally diff level Ill -7 @ MSU Also playing LSU -4' Missouri -3' Fla +2 Tex -3 NBL
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    CBB Monday

    Starting a new week after a lousy Sunday/week ending (2-4), which left the week at 9-9 on posted plays Have found a nice game at 3 pm EST SE Missouri State +5 hosting E. Kentucky SEMS beat this same team by 22 on Saturday. E Ky is 18-6 on the season, 2nd place in Conf while SEMS is 9-14 so...
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    CBB Sunday 2/21

    Sorry for late post, goes in 5 minutes\ Siena -5 over Niagara Only hit 1-14 from three land yestrday, otherwise outplayed Niagara
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    CBB Saturday 2/20

    St Louis disappointed last night 0-1 -2.2 Come back today with early games Navy-4 @ American Navy is 11-2 while American has played only 4 games all year. Indiana -6 -20 hosting MSU Have said it all year....not a typical Izzo team, no "go to guy", no legit point guard and all other MSU traits...
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    CBB Friday

    St Louis -5 -20 @ Dayton (2*) St Louis on a nice win streak and only 3 losses on the year. I watched Dayton the other day and they looked much better than their record. While I DO NOT put any stock in the "revenge" factor, the facts surrounding the first game between these two is that St L was...
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    CBB Wednesday

    I find these type of games interesting A quick scheduling due to postponements has UNC -17 hosting Northeastern NE is not a bad team and in a decent conference. This is not a vintage UNC team at 12-7 and 6th in the ACC. UNC needs to fatten resume, but NE has absolutely nothing to lose and this...
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    CBB Sat 2/13

    Citadel Under 159 -40 Liked it better when opened at 160, now down to 157' Bought 1' points Last 10 games combined, these two teams were under this total, NBL
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    Super Bowl

    Super Bowl does not mean super bet, so be careful friends Without a lot of narrative I'm playing Sammy Watkins OVER 3' receptions ( if hs calf okay he will be open while TB tries to take away the two main receivers Kelce and Hill Mike Evans OVER 4' receptions ( Bradys reliable target) Over 3'...
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    CBB Friday 2/5

    Sometimes I like handicapping teams I know nothing about as it removes all bias. So I looked at the first game up today North Dakota @ Denver ND is 5-14 and Denver is 1-12, Denver won their first game of the season against the Regis University Rangers ( ?????) ND does have 4 conf wins including...
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    CBB Thursday 2/4

    I do not usually play huge away favorites, but...... BYU -19 -20 @ Portland is my play (2*) BYU has already beat thus same team by 28. Portland is ranked # 312. BYU is #2 in conf behind Gonzaga. If they want an at large Big Dance bid, they need to win and win convincingly over teams they should...
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    CBB Monday Afternoon

    Indiana St +2 hosting Bradley ( 5 pm tip) Bradley on 5 game losing streak and only one of those games scored over 60 pts. The one game over 60 pts was against a defensively challenged Valpo team. Indiana State on 5 game win streak and they have matched or exceeded their scoring average in...
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    Taking a Break

    Daily Hoops is a grind and last 4 days were very choppy 17-16. Ytd 65-53 (55%) +10.85* Have some personal projects going right now, so a good time to take a little break. Will post if I see/hear anything good. For instance , yesterday finding out that top scorer for Bradley OUT with...
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    CBB 1/24 and Football

    First and foremost I apologize to those that tailed my Wisconsin pick (and hopefully grabbed a couple of my 7 winners yesterday) It probably didn’t deserve such a high rating but Wisconsin was 9-1 at home this year, and it’s been a long time since OSU won @ Wisconsin. OSU had already lost on the...
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    CBB Saturday 1/23

    yesterday 4-3 for a small profit as big play Grand Canyon didnt cover ( more on that later) 12 noon Wright State -15 @ IUPUI (2*) A beat down yesterday by 30 as a 12 pt fav. It was total domination. Not unlikey however as Wright averages 80ppg, 48%FG% and 43 boards per game. This is a mismatch...
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    CBB Friday 1/22

    Lousy 4-4 day yesterday and I grade my handicapping D as I badly missed Rutgers, Wichita State and Ut State Did win Pizza and Beer ( hit my big 2* with Montana State) If you shopped you could have found AZ-2 for a push. I did, but for the EE scorecard it's recorded as a LOSS Somehow been doing...
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    CBB Thursday

    Yesterday recap later, as there is a 2 pm game (25 min from now) that I'm playing Buffalo -10' OB hosting Eastern Mi (1*) Buffalo is all offense, little defense. EMU has only beat weaker teams but doesn't do well against better teams. Buffalo should put up 80 and win by doubles as they are the...
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    CBB Wednesday

    Yesterday a reversion/correction took place. After 13-4 previous 4 days (a ridiculous 76%) took a hit at 1-4 – 3.4* Looking at last 5 days its still a highly profitable 64% 14-8 record. Let’s get back to winning at least one more than we lose NOTE these are 6PM games St Bonny -2 hosting VCU...
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    CBB Tuesday 1/19

    another sweep yesterday 2-0 + 1.5* Dont tell me the announcers (and coaches) dont know the betting lines. After the gift win with KU yesterday, when a 3 pointer at the buzzer got us the win by 1/2 point, the announcer remarked "well that last shot made a lot of people around the country HAPPY"...