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    MLB 10/19/2021

    Nice call man. Let’s see it again ! Congrats on the over
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    Thanks Tin !!!! Great call. Dogs were barking loud today !
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    NHL picks for tonight

    Eeeesh. Back to the drawing board wow
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    NHL picks for tonight

    LFG !!! Good luck to all on the new season ahead. Gonna try to post more this year. Winners hopefully lol 😂 Jets ML -138. Put a bit on the PL too Rangers -104. Lots of people on Rangers. So tread lightly. But caps with no Ovi or Backstrom Blackhawks +160. Good dog bet here. Hawks...
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    MLB Playoffs 2021

    Good luck CC I’m tailing
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    NCAA sat

    uFC Qb is out. Still a play ? GL.I’m on Ducks heavy as well.
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    Preseason Puck

    Take Ducks tonight. Shark jr squad out 2 units I got in early this morning at -124. Sitting at -134 now. GL
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    Preseason Puck

    Take Jets tonight. Veteran line up against JR oiler squad. As Oilers vets played last night For a unit -158. Little juicy
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    Saturday Plays MLB NBA UFC EURO 2020

    Playing the Under 8.5 StL v Pitt. -110. 4 units Taking the OV in NBA tonight 217.5 -110 4 units UFC tonight. Taking the Canadian Bulldozer Tanner Bozer -170. EURO. TT over Italy 1.5 goals. 4 units GL everyone enjoy the day ! LFG!!!
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    NBA side play

    Hawks +8. GL to all. LFG!!!!!
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    MLB Tuesday

    Junk. My bad .... on to the next one !!! LFG
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    MLB Tuesday

    Hit the twins + ML last night. Long ass sweaty game. Lol. Taking UN 9 on the same match up. Twins v Reds this morning. -107. GL to all. Enjoy the day LFG
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    NHL Monday

    Great call on the ass whipping Ohara. !! Congrats
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    MLB Monday

    Twins ML +104. Happ turns it around. LFG!!! Going with a nickel play here. GL to all. Enjoy the day
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    NHL Sunday

    Dammmmmm. Oh well. Taking unders the rest of this series lol. Sorry fellas for all that tailed
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    MLB play for Fathers Day!

    Right !? Money making machine ! As good as Harvey’s TT overs. Lol. Great stuff !!! LFG !
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    MLB play for Fathers Day!

    Great call. Congrats on the easy over. Gotta love it ! Wooooooo
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    NHL Sunday

    Over tonight 5.5 +118. Vegas vs Montreal... Seems like suicide. I know. But this is the one ..... I hope lol. GL to all. LFG!!!!
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    Mlb sunday

    Hey guys. On the Jays TT OV 5.5. -135. Little bit juicy but Harvey on the mound. Done really well all year going on TT with him chucking ....This guy has lost all control. Hope the Jays bats are still hot here. Also took HR prop. Semien +277 and Vlad +215. Unit each. LFG Under 8.5...
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    MLB Sunday

    NBL. But on the Under here OG. Enjoy the day !!