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    CFB Saturday

    Yesterday 3-1 EARLY games Mich/NW UNDER 51" (1.5*) NW #110 in Scoring, Michigan #101 in plays per minute plus good defense. Army +3 Hosting Wake F (1*) I like the Wake team but playing a Running team when your run defense allows 171 ypg has Army as a live home dog Eastern MI -4 @ Bowling...
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    CFB Friday

    In a funk since coming back from vacation CFB 1-3, MLB 0-3 Tonight is home dog nite UCF +1 hosting Memphis (1*) Over 63' (1.5*) Although 2nd qb up for UCF, the series historygreatly favors UCF and theyboth can score Ut State +3 hosting Col State (1*) Cols State nice comeback over losing...
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    CFB Thursday

    Having been on vacation for the last two weeks havent posted anything except last nights loss with Coastal Carolina Tonight UL Lafayette -18 @ Ark State ( 2*) A lot of road chalk for a reason. ULL runs the ball really well and Ark State cannot stop the run. I expect Time of possession to be all...
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    World Series MLB Thursday

    Dont you know that as soon as I post my first 2 WS picks, Boston STOPS hitting,W-0 L- 2 Today Atlanta + 116 @ LA Dodgers> I like Max Fried a lot. LAD apparently is going to a bull pen game and hoping they get to game 6 with Scherzer and Game 7 with Bueller. Personally, I think thats a real...
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    CFB Wednesday

    You all can check the stats that are readily available Coastal Carolina is better than Ap State on both sides of the ball. While most focus on CC's high powered offense, their defense is pretty darn good. Even on the road in a big hme game for Ap State, I still think the line is short. Have...
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    World Series MLB

    Yesterday the wrong bull pen imploded as Houston scored 7 runs in the 9th. Greinke as expected didnt make it past the 2nd inning giving up 2 runs but that was it with Boston having chances and leaving 11 on base. Will come back with Boston's CHRIS SALE on the mound at -122 Dont see the Boston...
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    World Series MLB

    I dont wager on much baseball anymore as the daily grind and charting pitchers is more than I want sign up for. But tonight I see a spot that I will place a wager on Houston @ Boston Boston has caught fire in the playoffs and at this point looks like a team of destiny Have always liked Greinke...
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    NFL Sunday

    Not very good in CFB yesterday w6 - L8 I usually always play my pick six contest picks unless line moves against me Today Denver Seattle NYG G Bay Miami Carolina Three dogs and three Favs NBL
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    CFB Sat

    Early plays Wake -7 might be the best team in the ACC ( 2*) Wisk -2 (.5) Mich showed flaws last week Geo -16' over Ark (1*)Why favored by that much over a 4-0 darling. Because they are that good nmore later NBL
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    CFB Saturday

    Posted plays CFB ytd slightly in the plus 9-7 +.9* Today UTSA +3 @ Memphis (1*) IMO wrong team favored Clemson -10 @ NC State (1.5*) Defense wins as Clemson Oklahoma -17 hosting W Va (1.5*) They need big win / style points after low scoring close affair last week. They are aiming to be in...
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    CFB Friday

    Three small plays tonight Wake +3' OB over Va (1*) Wake stays undefeated as VA can score, but can't stop anybody Charlotte-3 hosting MTSt total is 56 Playing UNDER 56 (.5*) Teasing MTSt +9 under 62 (.5) in a low scoring game. NBL
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    Monday Night NFL

    Check the weather, forecast heavy rain and 15-20 mph winds Kicking as well as passing downfield will be tough. Detroit also has two RB's Questionable and one WR OUT Not sure where they will get offense from. Leaning UNDER 48' Don't listen to all the hype about Rogers and G Bay making up for a...
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    CFB Saturday

    Small win last night 2-1 posted plays this year + .4* Afternoon action Marshall -10 ( 2*) Memphis +3' (1.5*) Purdue +8 ( 1*) Tonight Geo State -4' ( 1.5*) Penn State -5 (1.5*) S Car under 47' ( 1*) Boise -3 ( 1*) BYU +3' ( .5*) Fresno +11 ( .5*) ASU under 51 ( .5*) NBL
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    Friday Night College Football

    Im in agreemnent with BB UCF -7 ( missed the -6') There are problems in Louisville which could be helped with a nice home win. Unfortunately, UCF has the better offense and somehow with new coach, they actually have played some defense this year. Maryland -7 @ Illinois, total 61' Illinois top...
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    MLB Wednesday Total

    NYY @ KC OVER 10 -10 A bullpen game for NYY, and wind blowing out at 16 mph. NBL
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    NHL Finals Game 5

    If you watched game 4 you know how lucky Montreal was to win in OT with TB hitting post 3 times. But Montreal played with pride. T Bay in front of full house tonight has all the angles covered. Havent lost two games in a row in two straight SC Finals, great home ice record and certainly do not...
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    NHL Playoffs Game 4 Monday

    Dropped 1.0* in game 3, Playoffs to date posted +6.22 Strong History of sweeps in game 4. T Bay may wish they could go to a game 5 in front of 13000 fans; Does Montreal have anything left besides pride. T Bay and especially goalie Vasilevskiy have just too much talent compared to Montreal. I...
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    NHL Finals Game 3

    Swept the board in game 2 for +2.15* and now +7.22* for the posted playoff picks If Montreal is going to win a game it will be games 3. Have to wonder what their psyche will be after playing theri best game, having 43 Shots on goal and losing game 2. Also, the muber of fans allowed into...
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    NHL Finals Game 2 ( Wed)

    Monday +.7* total to date +5.07* If it wasnt for fluke goals (puck bouncing off skates and a muffed catch by defense in front of net) the score in game 1 would not have reached 5. T Bay limited Montreal to 19 shots. T Bay exhibited a relentless defense especially back checking and except for a...
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    NHL Monday Finals Game 1

    Update: SC playoffs posted plays +4.37* This does not include Series winners which I am up quite a bit. In play Series bets .5 unit Montreal +350 .5 unit T Bay +210 1.0 Unit T Bay +100 Bottom line if T Bay wins: I Win 1.5 units If Montreal wins ; I Lose only 1/4 unit I believe this is a bad...