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    MINNY +12 and me against the world.
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    Spinner Sports

    I dont mean to ruffle any feathers here but Spinner Sports is the about the last book I would recommed to anyone. I deposited today small to just give them a try and I already have requested a withdrawl. I tried to bet 2 games there that i was watching including the flast game at the half only...
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    Taking the dodgers +138. Think the team will rally around Browns first start and get a needed win.
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    I saw some people were wondering. Walker is in line up tonight against SF and is 5-9 with 4 walks v Jensen.
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    Anyone have dog/fav results for this yr or last few years in bases?

    I have been betting bases for years and cant remember a year when favs seemed to win so often. Maybe I am wrong but it seems that favs have killed this yr. Does anyone know where I could find the stats for this yr compared to others? Thanks in advance
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    Colorado/Colorado St

    Just saw the opening line for this game and already have a definite liking to one side. I am a huge Buffs fan but giving 8 pts seems to be way overvalued. From the looks of the early lines it appears to me that the Buffs are going to be overvalued all year. They should have a very good team but...
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    Bawg -gst +3

    what are your thoughts on this. I think GST pulls one out in the final gm at home as a dog. Please let me know your thoughts on it if you can. Thanks in advance and best of luck to you. Lean at GST +3
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    Can anyone tell me any experiences they have had with Pinnacle?

    I ask because I am taking some time off right now but in a bit want to make a nice sized depo with them as their lines are just so much better. It saves you money even when you lose. Has anyone ever had any problem with them? I have used them but not very much last year. I would greatly...
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    Pacers/Dinos-Big Play

    Really like the Pacers here. I do like the things that the Raps have done without Carter but believe that this is a gm that the Pacers can and will win. Should be a close gm but believe that Pacers come out on top and gain the adv for the last playoff spot. GL to all. Pacers +1 ****
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    Would give write up but gm is about to tip. UNCC +2 GL
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    All World Pays Up

    Just wanted to let people know that All World paid me today. I spoke with Rick a couple of times and did everything he could to help me out. He is by far one of the most stand up guys I have talked to in this business through the years of using off shores. I felt it was right to post that they...
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    All World Refuses To Pay- Read

    I have been trying to get my money for a week form these guys. How funny that Bobby has just disappeared all of a sudden. I was told last week that i would get the money and then last Friday I spoke to a manager who PROMISED me that they would Western Union me my money this morning. I called...
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    Cu/neb Htime

    Simply put CU only plays 6 guys really. NEbraska shot horrible in first half. 1-13 from 3. It was 20-4 CU and Neb came way back. CU has tough times closing games out and I like NEb +5 for game. NEB PK HT
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    Gotta love this time of year. Not always the best for betting as lines can be very tight but a great time to watch games. I was hoping for an even bigger line with this game but will take the 5 pts now. Stl just beat Tulane by 8 i think but Tulane won the boards by a 39-22 margin including 14...
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    Nice Trade

    for Dallas. Lets see Nuggs will give you A future star in Lafrentz, a star with attitude but no doubt a great player in Nick, and 2 other decent bench players. Dallas gives Nuggs a crippled pg with a yr left maybe, a top 5 overated player in howard who has never turned out as people thought and...
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    Bobby AWS ???

    Was wondering if your book was going to put up totals on all coll games like u did yesterday. It seems you do it some days and then dont for a few days etc. Just curious as I like to play them. Thanks
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    BIG Monday GM 1 HTime

    Watching the first half and having seen both of these teams play a few times this year I think ND can find thier way back in this game. Nd only 2-10 from 3 and all year IMO ND has played one bad half and one good half in alot of games. Ill take em +6 for the game and look for Carroll and Graves...
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    Any insight into the Zags game tomorrow. I am leaning strongly to one side but would like your opinion if you can. Thanks in advance
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    I'll be on the Nuggs tonight at +7.5. The Nuggs are not a good team however they are a great home dog and more times then not play up to better teams as shown by thier 7-3ats record this yr against at home against teams with a .500% or better record. I like the spot tonight also as Sac has won 9...
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    The NBA should be embarrased

    The Golden State game is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Horrible refering. 14 off fouls still in third qrtr. Niether one of these teams have a player worth a sh*t IMO. Maybe EJones as he is solid and actually looks like he cares. Goldes State doesnt even try to play team ball. They...