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  1. meestermike

    Sunday Picks

    A fabulous weekend for U Ice
  2. meestermike

    Tuesday Picks

    Here's to your TOT play ice... lots & lots of
  3. meestermike

    Tuesday Picks

    NBL Ice
  4. meestermike

    Tuesday Picks

    NBL Ice
  5. meestermike

    NHL Sun

    Hope you get 'em og.
  6. meestermike

    MM's Sunday NHL~Blitz

    Been studying and waiting for the new SDQL DB at 'gimmethedog'. It's a work in progress with the key word 'progressing' a fact. Playing some multiples today from Pinny as well as the following 5 teamer... New York Islanders vs Anaheim Ducks Total - OT Incl. - NHL Over 5.5 (2.080) Event date...
  7. meestermike

    HD Picks

    NBL Ice. On the same in the TOR\MIN gm. MIN in a 3\4 @ HM ~ off a 126-120 OT win last night against CHA and playing their 4th GM in 6 nights.
  8. meestermike

    Gimmie your BB on Props

    Combined yardage of made FG's? OV 126.5 yds 2.02 (+102 in English) Lot's of chances in each others' Red Zones but 3 pts is just that...
  9. meestermike

    Gimmie your best bet for the Super Bowl

    Remember Mr. Stafford will be out of his element... playing football for a winning team. I think he'll blow up if the Cincy defense can get in his face. Oh yeah I almost forgot... My play for the thread is: CIN +4.5 1.943 (-106 in English) 2 units
  10. meestermike

    MM's Super Bowl LVI

    MM's Super Bowl LVI I've been exhaustively all over the damn place. My hard earned $$$ are not getting wasted on just one or two plays. There are over 110 participants as well as all of the duffus that can influence the final score of a game like this. Just like the head ref starts the game...
  11. meestermike

    Monday Picks

    Liking MIA & UTAH as well ICE.
  12. meestermike

    Sunday Pick

    nbl ICE.
  13. meestermike

    Gimmie ur Best Play

    Nice wins for you SGR on SF... I'm opposite on the Rams on both fronts. More of against Stafford and on the Bucs SU & ATS w/ the G.O.A.T.
  14. meestermike

    Gimmie ur Best Play

    Glad the selfish stiff 'Mr. Rogers' lost. Looks good on him and the team from the frozen tundra. Onto today w/ 4 plays... Tampa and the Bills both ATS and ML's for a unit each form Pinny. TAM -2.5 1.847 TAM 1.689 BUF +1 2.000 BUF 2.06 No emotion; just sensible plays IMO.
  15. meestermike

    Gimmie ur Best Play

    Non emotional play for me... SF +6.5 1.925
  16. meestermike

    EveryEdge Pick 6 Contest 2021

    Congrats O'Hara. A job to be very proud of !!!
  17. meestermike

    Gimmie ur Best Bet for the Weekend

    Rams -3.5 1.98 from Pinny just now. Been waiting for this at almost even money.
  18. meestermike


    Love the theory you are using bases. I tried it a few times last year and it was very profitable if you get in at the right moment as you state. Also works well in the NCAAB.
  19. meestermike

    MM's NBA 27-DEC

    Haven't posted many 'normal' plays much this season but here goes 4 tonight... 547: HOUSTON 548: CHARLOTTE Under 235 1.952 549: CHICAGO 550: ATLANTA Over 211 1.90 (I got this originally at 208 but for posting purposes, it's now 211 at many outs) 555: MEMPHIS 556: PHOENIX Under 220.5 1.97 (I...
  20. meestermike

    NFL Boxing Day

    Hey G, we all have up seasons and down seasons. Over time IMO, you are in that well respected 'up club'. Your posts are insightful, entertaining and full of detail. I just personally don't have the time and or patience to do writeups. Guess I lean too much on historical factors. As I watch these...