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    1st Half totals - Heads Up

    1st Halves are 10-1 to the over yesterday and today with Zona - Texas looking to make it 11-1
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    Question to the forum

    I have a local that allows 12 point teasers and you are allowed to move the 12 points anyway you want. Catch is it is 6/5 odds (120 to win 100) and ties lose. For instance you can take a 6 point dog and give them 8.5 to make them +14.5 and take the other 3.5 and make a 4 point fav -.5...
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    Odds and cashing tickets question.

    If I hold a ticket for say 10-1 on a golfer and I put up $100 for the ticket, Is the payout going to be $1100 (Initial wager plus odds), or is it going to be just $1000?
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    2nd Half ND / OSU

    ND +.5 1000 / 1550 at carib OSU pk 1300 / 1000 at olympic Heres to a 2nd half tie Quite a sweet no lose situation
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    Jets / Pats Question

    If Pittsburgh wins vs. Baltimore, and gains homefield for the playoffs, does NE have any reason to play the starters against the Jets? The game will probably be taken down after the 1:00 kickoffs pending the Pitt result? My thoughts were of taking the Jets with the hopes that Pitt beats Balt...
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    Olympic Promotions

    Just woke up this morning and found an email from Olympic saying I was a winner in a $50,000 contest I had no idea existed. Checked my account and an extra $500 had been stuffed in there. Makes for a nice X-Mas gift, and just another reason why Olympic is such a great place to belong. Happy...
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    Super Bowl thoughts please!

    Currently Atlanta Falcaons are +2050 to win the SuperBowl. They are already guaranteed a first round bye. They will be the favorite in the 2nd round, no matter who they play (unless Vick goes down in the next 2 weeks). They will quite possibly play a Philly team without Terrell in Philly to go...
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    Midwest Weather

    Weather here in SW Michigan is just horrible. Cold, rainy and windy. Be careful with totals on games around this area. As for me, I played the WMU / EMU under 60. With this weather points might be harder to come by.