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  1. Garraund

    Duke Syracuse Under

    Syracuse off a solid thumping of Florida State now must face an embarrassed Duke squad that should want to set a new tone after the Tarheels ripped them at home. 'Cuse without their big man may want to slow things down and certainly Duke should want to get back to playing defense after the Heels...
  2. Garraund


    Good luck today, thanks for the picks. I'll tail you on the first two.
  3. Garraund

    Shout out to members

    Yo, how you doin' Coach? Football is over. Baseball is cancelled (and no one noticed). March Madness is around the corner... Once I make a bracket I'll tell you who I picked... so you can pick the winner by doing it differently!!
  4. Garraund


    KC live ML Even............** Cinci just took first lead of game in 4th Q
  5. Garraund

    Sundays Mixed Bag

    good luck today
  6. Garraund

    Champs Rd

    Good luck today!
  7. Garraund


    Exciting day for me as a Chiefs fan. Bittersweet to some degree as this is the weekend I like to be in Vegas to bet the games and eat great meals and play craps. Much more fun than Super Bowl weekend (for me...). Alas, I'm not travelling during this current spate of uncertainty. It's now been...
  8. Garraund

    NFL Conference Champs

    Good luck today, go Chiefs!
  9. Garraund

    NFL Sunday 1/30

    Nice write-ups. Good luck with your favs
  10. Garraund

    NFL sunday champs

    Good luck with your unders in the first game.
  11. Garraund

    Conference Championships

    Good writeups, per usual. Good luck with your plays today.
  12. Garraund


    I like the dog teaser. I think the second game is teasable in all directions. Good luck today
  13. Garraund

    Conference Championships

    Take the seven while you can. Hook gonna come soon. Chiefs beat Rams in Super Bowl
  14. Garraund

    Sunday Rd of Div PO's

    Sweet potato curse?
  15. Garraund

    Gimmie ur Best Play

    Air-Fryer Roasted Caramelized Bananas 2 ripe bananas, cut diagonally 1 tbsp butter 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon butter Drizzle melted butter, sugar and cinnamon on bananas and cook (in a single layer) in air fryer at 370 degrees for 7 minutes a side
  16. Garraund

    Sun Jan 23

    " Michael Giacchino " The Batman { 2022 } !!! &&& ****
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    Good luck with the Rams today
  18. Garraund

    NFL divisionals afc nfc abc

    Great calls on the totals (glad you didn't play your side predictions!!) Rooting for your dad. Go dad!!!
  19. Garraund

    NFL Games this weekend

    You're not kissing my sister!!
  20. Garraund

    Bold Predictions

    Under tonight, eh? Bold indeed.