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  1. Garraund

    Duke Syracuse Under

    Syracuse off a solid thumping of Florida State now must face an embarrassed Duke squad that should want to set a new tone after the Tarheels ripped them at home. 'Cuse without their big man may want to slow things down and certainly Duke should want to get back to playing defense after the Heels...
  2. Garraund


    Exciting day for me as a Chiefs fan. Bittersweet to some degree as this is the weekend I like to be in Vegas to bet the games and eat great meals and play craps. Much more fun than Super Bowl weekend (for me...). Alas, I'm not travelling during this current spate of uncertainty. It's now been...
  3. Garraund


    Sheep beat Desperadoes Herd beat Natives All four road teams win this weekend LAR +3 4* BUF +1' 3* Tease LAR +9 & BUF +7' 4* Parlay LAR ML BUF ML +340 2* Propositions (all for cheese & charcuterie board money) Tyreek Hill Under 71' receiving yards Cam Akers Over 19' receiving yards
  4. Garraund

    NFL Week 18

    Just one play this evening. I like LA Chargers tonight. Particularly if Raiders are already in by kickoff. Should know that here by 4:30 pm. Raiders are in with Jax win and Steelers loss. LA Chargers -3'...........****
  5. Garraund

    January 2 NFL

    3-1 +9.8 units yesterday NFL Teaser Six points Cincinnati +10' Dallas pick Risk: 3 stars NFL 'Ah' ML Parlay (6 teams) Tita-155 New Engla-1300 Phila-260 Buffa-1000 Indiana-380 Tampa -950 Risk: 2 stars at +277 Note: this is basically a Tita ML play with odds juiced in my favor due to my...
  6. Garraund

    January 1, 2022

    Twenty-two is here. I'm not really a NYE celebration kind of guy, always been a non-event for me. And my calendar year has always begun September 1, when school starts for the kids and summer comes to an end. But this year, symbolically at least, I'm ready to kick '21 to the curb. Two years of...
  7. Garraund

    NFL Boxing Day

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!! Having a quiet little family holiday here, just happy to have some college kids home. Counting blessings and living in the moment. Today is last home game of the season. It's also 75 degrees. Will be nice to bask in the sun. Not going to get worked up...
  8. Garraund

    Merry Bowl Season Kickoff

    Fun time of the year, bowl season is upon us, the holidays are around the corner and a wide-open NFL season is in full swing. Chiefs started out the week with a great TNF game win and I've already set my sorrow over the Panthers aside. I will wear my Panthers Ugly Christmas Sweater with pride...
  9. Garraund

    NFL Week 14

    Headed to the Panthers game. Sunny and mild here in the Carolinas. Ready to watch some football. My college kids start rolling home tomorrow, including my eldest boy who just graduated this weekend from UNC Chapel Hill. Very proud of his academic career and social justice work as President of...
  10. Garraund

    Turkey Trot NFL Week 12

    I have to start the day by giving Coachlid a refresher course in How to Handle The Warden, then I'll get to my normal shenanigans. Cheat Sheet for Coachlid Note: Please follow guidelines for maximum operational security and peace of mind. Do not deviate from scripted responses. To answer The...
  11. Garraund

    Turkey Trot Saturday

    1-2 yesterday. Kansas State decides to give three points to Texas late in the game and Bryson looked like one of the guys I golf with, spraying the ball all over the course and scrambling every shot. And his majesty missed every put. He's a first class, royal douche. Glad to see him look like an...
  12. Garraund

    Turkey Trot Friday

    Lovely day yesterday. Lots to be thankful for. I continue to be blessed by amazing children who are growing into fine young men and women. Today is "Pick out the Christmas Tree" day for our family. Looking forward to finding the tree and getting it up, cleaning up all the needles and then...
  13. Garraund

    Turkey Trot

    Starting off nice and slow, like my "Fun Run" this morning. Detroit First Half Under 20'......🦃🦃 ML Parlay Bears, Cows, Bills........+212 risking 🦃🦃
  14. Garraund

    Take out the Trash Tuesday

    I got skunked Sunday. I can’t remember a day where every single pick I took the time to handicap and post failed so utterly and completely. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time though. Memory has to be short in this game. So today is vent and release day. Crumple up the sheets of paper and toss...
  15. Garraund

    NFL Week Aces

    Had a nice little trip to the mountains Thursday, held the dice for a very long time. Just needed Aces to finish the All Tall Small, missed it. The whole table decided to pass the dice back to me (very rare occurrence, usually one person says, "Naw, I wanna shoot...") and I got to the same point...
  16. Garraund

    Saturday Football

    I’m on the West Coast in Santa Barbara this week, so I’m getting my Saturday picks lined up and posting this before dinner tonight at Angel Oak because there is no way I’m going to post early tomorrow morning!! Totals Oklahoma First Half Under 31..........*** Michigan First Half Under...
  17. Garraund

    NFL Week 10

    We are officially halfway through the NFL season. 9 weeks down, 9 to go. Currently the league looks like a canvas that was once promising, but then the artist started trying to use too many colors and they all ran together to create mud. Survivor pools have been ravaged for two weeks in a row...
  18. Garraund

    Saturday Football

    Teaser Air Force +4' Wake Forest +10 Baylor pick...................pays +130................** Total Air Force First Half Under 18..........................*** Service academy unders hitting 80%. Tell me another ongoing college trend hitting that high with 47 head to head sample size...
  19. Garraund

    NFL Week 9

    It's finally occurred to me that with a bye for every team and 17 games on the schedule, that there are 18 weeks this season. Which means the halfway point is Monday night after the Steelers Bears game. Beginning of Week 10 is the start of the second half. And I just looked it up, the regular...
  20. Garraund

    NFL Week 8

    Good morning, time for football. Panthers are (blissfully) out of town so I get to watch all the games at the sportsbook in Cherokee. I lost everything that touched Carolina last week, going 3-4 on posted plays, after they imploded in the second half in New York. It was ugly. Watching Walker...