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    Sunday basketball

    Good luck and nice call on the Bucks last night.
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    UW Badgers at The Ohio State - 6 pm tip

    Another nice winner SU and +ML. Congrats man! Great job.
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    UW Badgers at The Ohio State - 6 pm tip

    Lmao that was hilarious lol
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    Lakers at Knicks

    Great call man! Congrats. Thanks for posting.
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    WC Sunday

    Great calls E!!! Way to sweep the board
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    Playoff SuperTease

    Let’s go Bengals!!! Last leg to go! Good luck buddy
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    Super WC Sat

    Good luck buddy
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    Playoff SuperTease

    Good luck man
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    NFL playoffs

    Good luck! That payout includes your 7.5 stake right? The profit on the 2 team parlay is 17? Should be some exciting games this weekend.
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    Congrats Coach Lid Bowl Champion

    Sent you an email Lidder
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    Congrats Coach Lid Bowl Champion

    My guests get 20% off green fees and carts and I can book 30 days in advance. If you ever want to play there even if I’m not there I can book for you to get 20% off anytime.
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    Congrats Coach Lid Bowl Champion

    Congrats Lidder!! Great job man!! You played Peninsula Lakes in Niagara Falls? I have a flex membership there along with 3 other courses in Kleinburg, Markham and Pickering. Have never played it but want to try it this year.
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    Final week

    That Jets ending was sickening. I had them +4.5 and can’t believe I had to relieve the MSU/Illinois garbage ending all over again.
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    2022 College Bowls

    Congrats on the miracle MSU cover lol I could see that back door lateral BS coming a mile away as soon as State called their last time out with 7 seconds left. Seen this too many times, why not call the TO with 3 seconds left and end the game on the FG. Why 7 seconds left? With 7 seconds left...
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    NFL Sunday

    good luck on the plays.
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    22-23 bowl a rama running thread

    Congrats on the early sweep BB! Great job. Good luck on Mich and the OSU over
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    fri bowl

    Great calls today man! Congrats
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    Sat Dec 30

    Congrats on the Vols win!
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    22-23 bowl a rama running thread

    Great call and sweep on the Rocky Top game. Now go give Ice a big hug lol