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  1. Pjames221

    Some other contests are coming...

    Jesus, you are only one man. Granted, now with time on his hands, but good Lord. However, I will join every contest you have time to create .. Thanks Peter
  2. Pjames221

    SNF (Sunday Night Football) WK # 3 PYP Contest

    Thanks for starting up and running the contest, Meester Mike... Las Vegas win straight up Las Vegas over 21.5 Score 1st Las Vegas Score Last Pittsburgh 1st score FG (Field Goal) Last score TD for a TD (touchdown) PICK 6" YES GLTA Peter James
  3. Pjames221

    Wk 3 NFL TNF is upon us & we need…

    0-2 teams, who have also yet to cover (0-2 ATS), have done insanely well against the spread in Week 3 producing a 50-29-1 ATS record since 2016 That's Denver this week. May have to make a wager and then be nervous for 3 hours...
  4. Pjames221

    MNF WEEK 2 doubleheader

    My leans are NOLA ML parlayed to Clev/Pitt under
  5. Pjames221

    Rule of 17 in Houston game

    Good to hear from you, Badger. UW Badger football has had a rough start to the season with 3 poor first halfs and is 2-1 with a loss at Pullman. They play Purdue at Ross Ade Stadium on Friday night. Not sure what the line will be but UW should have enough fire power and defensive toughness to...
  6. Pjames221

    Rule of 17 in Houston game

    Betting under 20 in the 2nd half... Great to be back Peter James
  7. Pjames221

    Everyedge Pick 6 2023 Contest

    I am in as well. EE Sam, my email should be the one listed for my account. Just let me know regarding last year... Pete
  8. Pjames221

    Masters Tournament

    The way Rory was driving it in Austin at the Dell match play would lead me to believe he will be right up there. You can never go wrong picking Scotty Scheffler. Tony Finau always plays well at Augusta. Those are three right off the top of my head though Rahm is certay a contender as well
  9. Pjames221

    NIT Semi

    The true Wisconsin team showed up in the second half. I'm happy for the North Texas bettors, sick to my stomach for the WI bettors and would be near suicidal if I had the over after 70 of the 114.5 points were scored in the first half... With Wisconsin having a new athletic director who has...
  10. Pjames221

    NIT Semi

  11. Pjames221

    NIT Semi

    Well B in F, we have had some good times this year taking the WI teams. Some good, some bad... I am glad the season is almost over as I need a break from gambling and gold season is on the horizon. It should be here by now but the screenshot shows my current lament... I have two parlays alive...
  12. Pjames221

    Thursday NCAA games

    I have also added a money line parlay of Connecticut, Tennessee, Alabama, Houston and Creighton. 100 pays 345. If the first four come in I may hedge a little bit on the Princeton money line...
  13. Pjames221

    Thursday NCAA games

    I don't have a lot of time to do a write-up but these are the games that I am betting KSU ML vs Mich State I know that Michigan State has got hot right now but Kansas State is a better team and can match Michigan State and toughness. I expect KSU to win UConn ML vs Arkansas You can make the...
  14. Pjames221

    Two unders to start Thursday

    Thanks, Kappa. It was a nice way to start the day. Iowa spot the bit but it didn't totally destroy the day. I am on LaSalle +6 and LaSalle ML +206 and that will probably be it for the rest of the day. Good luck Pete
  15. Pjames221

    Two unders to start Thursday

    My first game is Michigan versus Rutgers at 11:00 a.m. in the United Center. Early games at the United Center have few fans and the teams usually come out and struggle with accuracy and play lethargic because of the early time and the small crowds. Rutgers has gone Under in 4 of its last 5 games...
  16. Pjames221

    Super Bowl 57

    Good luck with those, Badger...
  17. Pjames221

    Lids pick for Da Bowl

    Coach Lid, It's cold up here in Wisconsin. Please send daily pictures of your towel animals in your room... Pete
  18. Pjames221

    Superbowl Sunday

    I just think that the Eagles are a better team overall and that the game will be close into the early second half and the Eagles will win by 10. As long as we have a tie at halftime, I don't really care who wins. Am I right, CC? Pete
  19. Pjames221

    Wednesdays picks

    I have 2 NBA selections and 1 NCAA game for tonight. Game 1 Golden State/Portland over 235 It's lots of points but neither team has an elite defense. The Warriors are 15th in defensive rating, while the Trail Blazers are 27th in defensive rating this season. Golden State is 5-1 to the Over in...
  20. Pjames221

    Tuesday NBA

    Thanks Dolph. It's always a good sign when the team you bet on is ahead by 30 points after the first quarter