92nd Grey Cup ~ 2004 Edition @ Ottawa


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Saw BC as a -3.5 pt favorite at one book that has a line out already, total of 50
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tinman how i bet this game will depend on who starts at qb for the lions. i dont know the severity of printers injury, if its only a bruised shoulder then he should be back by sunday!!


Great stuff tinman - as usual

I would not be surprised to see dave dickenson start this game.

My thinking is if the weather is shaky - good /slushie snowie he is our cold weather QB.

Printers alos got a bit knicked up in the western final.

just food for thought.



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JMO but I like the Lions here. If Printers can go (last I heard was a bruised shoulder) he gives them the mobility to beat that pass rush. They don't lose a whole lot by going with Dickenson though do they?

I just think the Leos have more weapons than the Argos and will be able to do more offensively. Buono outcoaches Pinball in a 10-14 point BC win.

Of course the weather is likely to play a role in this game. I like the Under here especially if it gets nasty.


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My gut tells me dickenson will start here..... and believe me he is as everbit good as Printers.... they are different qbs and i would love to see both get in and out of the game...... Allen has been washed up IMO for years but has lots of incentive in this one facing BC for the first time since leaving and it being the Grey Cup and all......

Lets break it down

Offence- Printers, Dickenson doesnt matter the recievers and warren heavily mismatch Torontos offence

Huge advantage BC

Defense- BC has the best run D in the league but toronto will be blitzing all day and have the best pass d in the league ,,,,,

Big advantage TO(note to say- if not for the run d bc would be hugely outadvantaged)

Special teams- I would say even

Coaching- I have to go with Wally , seems know when to call what he calls.

over all- Toronto has played BC well and i expect they will again, although i see bc winning this in a tight game but one with a bit of offense.

Bcs defense is succeptible to the quick timing patterns which is where i feel Damon can get points for his team

BC- 30 To- 27


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Nice ...Lots of interest!

Sorry for the late reply ... early morning and long day.

Thanks for the quick post Cover.

So 3.5 is the starting point ... and the line is at 4.5 now. To me, that is a fence sitting line. I suppose, many people would gladly jump on the -3 BC. Taking the points seems even more attractive now.

50 as a total ... interesting ... I suppose that so many players take the over, that 48 or less would be too risky for the books. The total intrigues me. I saw how the disciplined play, punting the ball out of bounds and the quick pace of the game (dictated by the referee's) affected the total in BC. Toronto plays an entirely different style of game than Sask. but they still will likely be forced to pass the ball. BC should have an easier time running agaist the Argo's. I still like the under.

What are our thoughts on the side and total Cover?

Hi Gus! I will be sure to look for your post! I see both quaterback's as able starters or relievers. Both guys are dinged. In a one game winner takes all scenario, we will likely see both of them play in the game, if that's what it takes. It's funny... what was once deemed as a weakness is actually a strength for BC ... an embarassment of riches at QB so to speak.

Thanks Powers ... you are most likely correct, Dickenson could start! I still hope to see Printers in the game ... it's all good ... Dave has been through the wars in all kinds of weather!

Thanks AHF ... you don't have to be sorry ... we had our chances! I thought the Riders showed character and a very necessary improvement this season after a shakey start and while under duress from the raging masses and media carnivores ...and me... oooooops!

Thats cool Les ... lol! Who am I to argue with you? They loose a little mobility with Dickenson but gain saavy, experience and mind over matter toughness. I always appreciate reading your thoughts on the games you cap! I always have liked Buono as a coach, but I admire Pinball too, the guy is a true optimist. I think Toronto has the better defensive co-ordinator and that might be the difference. It will be interesting!

Sock-it-to-me Westcoaster...LOL! Wha'd'ya GOT? I expect the line to drop, but the CFL games don't seem to move as much as other leagues .... maybe to 3.5 or 4. I fully expect you to root for BC. I wish you luck with your result, but I won't say what kind ... how's that for fence sitting?

Long time no see MJM44! Your first paragraph sums up the QB situation nicely! Break it to me gently, I don't like breakdowns ... LOL! ... Advantage BC offense yup ... Defense ... maybe not a huge advantage because of the average Toronto offense, but still a slight Toronto advantage on D yup ... I still give the special teams advantage to Toronto ... oops, sorry ... Coaching is hard to handicap, except in poor examples. Both of these coaching staffs are top notch, BC does have the experience ... yup. Yac yards are hard to cap too ... I expect to see the game decided by the defensive line/offensive line matchups. Who can generate a running game aaaand protect the QB for 5 elephants? Good stuff MJM and enjoy the game!
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Jimmy Fingers

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Thanks for the write up's Tin, good stuff as always

on the Argos for this, surprise, surprise
never saw it 3, but 4.5 is no respect IMO
but I do like the under alot, and if it's very cold out I will play that heavy.

enjoy the game Tin, I know i will


You mean there's a game??

Have been waiting all year for this, unfortunately, IMO, the wrong teams are here in our nations capital. NO disrespect intended.

Should have Ben Gades, Stamps, at least that would have pretty much solidified the Ottawa win.

this will be a great game, in any case. Early Weather says 11 degrees celcuis for the day high, now of course that will mean that since the game starts a 6pm, it will be a tad bit colder, probably around 1-4 degrees at kickoff, unless, there is a cover of cloud, which should make it warmer, but then it might snow!

The under is the way to play here, TO on a roll, and BC no slouch either, neutral cold damp field.

look for me and my 3 pals stumbling down from the CC section in the southside. Thank god I have a ride home.

down in a hole