Attention pegger and grizz


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How are you guys doin? Pegger how is Allysa doing ( did I spell her name right? )
Hope life has been treating you guys well!!

Hey Grizz at the beginng of the MLB season you had some systems going, Did they turn out to be profitable? and if you have the time could you run them bye me again? Thanks


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Hi Daponte;

I had posted 6 systems at the start this year. I dropped the ones that were'nt cutting it and now I play two.
I dropped the totals ones right away as it was quickly apparent that the new strike zone would affect them poorly.
Also dropped the ones that played favs as that goes against the grain with me.

I'll give you the one I highly recommend as the other one is only up 3 units for the year so far.

AGAINST a FAV on a 2 game win streak. Home or away.

Last year 162-165 +68.87
April & May this year 51-43 +25.22 units
June to date 7-18 -7.84

There lies the beauty of the system. As you can see June is a bad month yet 11 games under .500 is only down 7+ units where before that 7 games over .500 is nice profit, 25+ units.
Systems always have ups and downs but as you can see from last year, the ups with this one are great and the lows not so bad.
I don't play it during IL.
It also is starting to heat up now.
Here's the plays from the last week;

MIlw +150 W
K.C +150 L

T.B +165 W

Ariz -103 L I shouldn't have played this one since it's a negative number

Cinci +136 W

T.B +200 W
NYM +136 W

S.D +105 L last night

Anyway, there you have it. If you decide to play it, then do it every day and don't try to pick and choose. It will treat you right.
Cheers. Grizz.


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I'll have to watch closer for your system Griz! Looks like a winner!

Daponte, ALLYSSA!! it's ok, we get it wrong more often then not too!! i sent an e-mail ... if you didn't get it, let m know as my hotmail's hot & cold in sending!