Baseball's (weak) Covid strategy; will the NFL's work?


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Some guys from my old-timers ball team were talking last night. No one seemed to think MLB will make it through their full 60 game sked.

The bubbles and hub cities for NBA and NHL seem like good ideas, however. Should baseball have gone with one in Arizona? Should the NFL scramble to design a 'bubble' format throughout August in hopes of avoiding a rash of infections that derails the season?

"[T]he league's plan amounts to a 'virtual football bubble,' but its essential structure — strict rules while at the team facilities and stadiums, with guidelines against high-risk behavior when in the community — makes the NFL's defenses fundamentally similar to those that have already broken down in baseball." -- Kevin Seifert, ESPN



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I think it would work better than traveling all over the place to stop the spread, and NHL and NBA can do that easier playing games much more than once a week, plus they will be doing it for less than 4 months.
These guys will go stir crazy being locked up after a few weeks or sooner lol, (some cant make curfew in normal times when otr), which may lead to even more players opting out, and once a few big names do, its all done. We have seen what happens when anyone gets told they cant do something for a few months......they just wanna do it more....these guys? They wont last long. JMO


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Yeah I could see players from any sport going stir crazy after any length of time in a hotel. The thing about hockey and hoops is that once teams get knocked out of contention, they gone!

It's going to be interesting watching playoffs unfold.

You're right, though. Trying to pull off a whole season in a bubble would be difficult. One idea I had is to split the NFL teams into two groups of 16. Each group would play in subsequent weeks for a 32-week season. Yes, the season would take 8 months to play, but teams would get 13 days off between games. During that time, they'd go back home, live and practice with restrictions, get tested often and then travel as long as everyone was healthy.

To shorten it, you could make it so that once any team was mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, their season would be over. League could also just decide to shorten season to 12 games right from the get go.

It sounds kind of crazy but I think it would increase the likelihood of identifying infections before they spread to opposing teams. You could literally just eliminate non-conference games from the sked and spread it out. 12 game sked, there ya go. It's not like they have to take fans into account -- there won't be any.


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All the sports are having to deal w/ NO LIVE FANS. IMO the bubbles are the safest way to reduce the communal spread and to identify and trace all live cases of this deadly infection. So many places in the US that will implode into "hot spots". This disease is relentless and is nothing like we've ever experienced in 4 to 5 generations. I live in a huge metropolis with so many people crammed together. The protection factors of physical distancing and face coverings is the only way we must live for the foreseeable future. We may 'not like it' but it's necessary nuisance in order to survive.

Just thankfully it's not Ebola or one of the other extremely contagious catastrophes that have happened during our lifetimes.

Stay Safe ; Stay Protected ; Stay Vigilant and we'll get through this.

Sports are a leisure activity that are a positive product of our existence. If it's safe to do it, by all means, play the game. If it's not safe, Pass... Just like you should do if the line at your out looks out of whack. Hopefully there'll be another game tomorrow. And I mean Hopefully!


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baseball won't complete half of the games
flying city to city is a bad idea no matter how careful they are .
NBA/Hockey will be good unless someone goes to the gentleman's club for dinner {eek}


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Update from Friday after two members from the Cardinals organization tested positive:

MLB postponements this week:

Phillies: 7 games
Marlins: 7 games
*Yankees: 4 games
*Orioles: 4 games
Blue Jays: 3 games
Nationals: 3 games
Cardinals: 1 game
Brewers: 1 game
(*Yankees and Orioles remained in action by playing two games vs. each other.)

As the guys from PTI pointed out, baseball can handle up to 4-5 teams getting infected by scheduling double headers, etc. But once 8 or more teams get infected, thus causing chaos for up to 16 total teams because of conflict (Ie. half the league), they are doomed.

We'll see how Week 2 plays out.