[Buffalo -3] & [Tampa Bay +4]

Bill Grundy

KC QB Patrick Mahomes has passed his concussion protocol according to the NFL and is cleared to play.
Most everyone asked about this suggest this is too early for anyone. 7 days after he couldn't stand on his own? Yes, he is the franchise we get it , but hanging a guy out in the wind for the love of money and franchise fame is completely wrong and dangerous. Its just one ding and he'll be collecting his bling from a sling on a vegetable ranch or Long Term Care glue factory where the people enter, sign a Do Not Resuscitate ( DNR ) and leave on the other side in a PINE BOX.
Sure Buffalo has a running game that's gone AWOL, but their receivers can hang out short and do the catch n' go! with a coffee to the end zone. Buffalo has a chance to knock out the champ that's a Buster Douglas chance! That knock out was a beauty!

Taking Buffalo + 3 or more if they're dealing?

Tampa Bay/Green Bay
...is a coin flip really. What this scares me is Green Bay's possession time which is always in the plus column vs. opponents. That keeps the opponents' offense riding the PINE. Sure Mr. Rodgers is rolling and an aging Brady always rolls this time of year and lately too! The food regimen seems to give him enough guff for this end of the field. Yes he is not very mobile, but he can dink and dunk Green Bay to death get the Green Bay defense winded. This game is a field goal game with correct clock management to control the last play of the day. That half point stood out like an Eskimo in Bermuda. And then we get the delicious REVERSE LINE MOVEMENT to push this baby to +4 and maybe more? These moves have featured large marge whales who appear to play one side all the way down the hill till they JUMP in and play the opposite way. I've been following these magic outcomes for awhile and its been juicy $$$$ this year of Chinese Covid-19, actually still in its 1st wave. Don't let FAKE NEWS steer you back inside their box of tricks anymore or let anyone tell you it is the 2nd wave. How many masks are WE supposed to wear while having SEX? and have they attempted the logistics on that play? Excuse me for venturing OFF the path here again, but We haven't traversed the 1st wave.

Taking Tampa Bay +4

*Green Bay and Kansas might win outright, but the points are too large. I've heard people suggesting the books are begging you to play Tampa and Buffalo. They don't care who we play as long as they get their juice and don't get swallowed by any sneaky fast whale plays. Oh and the guy they like to freeze just before he has to perform his job which nobody on the team is actually friends with? Yeah, Kickers this year have been noticed for all that they haven't been doing correctly - chipping and bouncing the extra point balls off posts and teams trying for 2 point conversions instead and missing keeps these game off the regular numbers and Voila! we get 1 and 2 point photo finishes. Lots of missed Field Goals too.

Hope these ideas help you decide how we are going to lose our money this week. Hope I at least keep you thinking aboot what's happening to us and maybe tickle the gambling gods for some help servicing the mounting DEBTS we are all in NOW. Edited for spelling and clarity.

Warmest regards,

Steven Kaasgaard a.k.a Bill Grundy
Bigwoods Lafontaine, Ontario.
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Bill Grundy

Totals are dropping like pantaloons at an orgy!

LOOOK real hard on these totals going under the floorboards low.
I actually rarely play overs so please excuse my momentum that way.
Thank you for your patience!
Steven Kaasgaard
Bigwoods Lafontaine, Ontario

Bill Grundy

Chinese Covid 19 is a Military Grade virus put together in Winterpeg in stealth by Chinese "scientists" and is why the good ole boys and gals over at CSIS home office to NOTICE shipments heading EAST and promptly removed those dangerous culprits "Chinese state agents" and sent em packing.
Trudeau ought to grow a PAIR and send somebody over the "great walmart of China" a police state which is known to harvest the human organs of its prisoners FOR SALE!
NEVER leave a man behind. Trudeau should be standing in for the 15 NOT two unaccounted for prisoners of that Wa Wei 5-G crap. She should of been sent home as CHINESE FOOD for effect. The message would be clear Our current PM has the same balls his ?Dad Pierre Elliot possessed. I loved that guy til he tested the Cruise Missile over the Hurtin Albertan!!. Should he pull of that MOVE he would cause a virtual Magic autovote for that such a remarkable remake-remodel. Oh and while we are renovating the left coast with an invasive species Yep them again being sneaky fast with dirty tricks - The 11,000 - 58,000 Chinese troops stationed and practicing? in Stanley Park, British Columbia and being protected by our RCMP?! Need to be returned to sender. Now you know why Trump sent Troops to the border back in the fall of last year.

Google it if you think I'm SNIFF testing the FAKE NEWS dept.
This virus personified waited till it knew we humans were so off balance and misbehaving (selfish?!) and it knew we would not possess the patience and discipline to hurdle all its tricks. We failed miserably to put up with lockdowns and mask protocol.
Just my opinion.
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Always enjoyed masked orgies when I was younger. Worse things (viruses) to worry about back then. 😉
Like the Bills today, they'll be out to punish Mahomes (or should be, not sure with this new NFL)
I think the weather plays a part today (although not as cold as initially called for) in GB, advantage Pack.

Anyone got anything on ref assignments for these games??
Always like that angle when games are tight. Could see both decided by FGs.

GL Bill