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Strap on your seatbelts.

The 2004 CFL season has taken more twists, turns and spills than a Jamaican bobsled run.

I actually had enough time to watch most of the Hamilton / Winnipeg game tonight and I am almost speechless. Sorry for my absence lately, but life and work are totally insane and show no signs of letting up.

WTF is going on?

Teams supposedly with destiny in their own hands continue to screw up ... only to make a miraculous recovery the next week.

I can accept Montreal's behavior, as that is nothing new for them to lose with a title game on the horizon. They are always a good fade late in the season as a big road favorite.

BC, other than the loss to Calgary have been one of the steadiest teams in the league.

Edmonton, Toronto, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Hamilton have been the epitomy of inconsistency.

Granted, INJURIES have plagued these teams throughout the season.

Handicapping the games ats has proven to be an inexact science, at best.

Tonight; for example, I expected Winnipeg to win their contest, and instead watched them ruin their miraculous recovery after the Dave Ritchie era.

I don't know what Hamilton HC Greg Marshall has said to his team, but they have definately turned it up a notch.

Toronto are totally unpredictable.

My dogmatic local team bragged that they could run the gambit ... down the stretch and who could believe that horsesh*t after watching them lose three games to Winnipeg and one to Cowtown this season.

Yet, with three games to go, the Ridden still have a chance to garner a coveted homefield playoff matchup as a host. If you had placed a bet with me on that scenario after the Nealon Greene injury or the Banjo Bowl, I would have agreed to kiss your a$$ on the city hall steps on a public holiday if you won.

And Edmonton? Wow!?

My questions to fellow CFL brethren are: Other than Montreal and BC, what four CFL teams will join them in the 2004 playoffs and can any of these underachievers pull off the "upset", earning a spot in Earl Grey's championship?

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Tin...I was @ the game and it was one of the worst games (played and officiated) that I had seen in years. Terrible performances by two teams that really needed to win. The first half was especially ugly.

Dogfight in the West but one has to like Saskatchewan's chances of making the playoffs especially if they can win this week in Ottawa. Would be an interesting western final with BC.

Argos in the East if Damon can get back to 100%...new weapons with Rison and Bruce and with the D they could make it interesting.

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C'mon, Tin... Als and Lions aren't the only consistent teams... Stamps suck pretty much EVERY week... hahaha