can't believe this!


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I have been playing rotations lately on proline betting many games have been going into OT, its been crazy.

Tonight there are games that have a definite possiblilty of staying close...i decided to do a 3 of 5 rotation.....SORRY! PRO LINE HAS STOPPED ACCEPTING TIE BETS BECAUSE THEY HAVE REACHED THEIR LIMIT!

I don't mean to rant here...but this is absolute BS....if theses games come in now I am sitting here holding worthless slips becasue they no longer want to take bets???

has this ever happened to anyone else????

damn hook

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I used to play proline but only when they made mistakes or there was a distinct advantage ie. o/u on proline 5.5 and o/u at books 6.5 - and yes there were MANY times when they would cap a particular combination of games from being played. I figure they have a computer program that keeps track of the amount of money coming in on all tix - once a certain 3 game combo reaches their max amount they stop accepting wagers on that combo. Reason they instated this is because of the whole Poindexter problem as well as managing the mistakes they make (ie. games already finished, bad lines, etc).
There's a reason proline is also known as the "Idiot Tax".

Joe C

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Pro-line has put in a $650,000 liability limit on each combination, I believe, not sure if this is the exact figure they use, either way, a limit is in place.