CFL...How'dya like them roadapples?


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Can you believe it...I'm almost speechless!

Note to Gangreen: LOL! ... You had your chances....get out the woolies for Commy Stadium ... and good luck! You'll need it!

........Love Tinman

PS: I expect Toronto and Edmonton to be -4 to -7 home favs when the lines come out Monday. Good luck people!
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Yup, beaten by our 3rd stringer.
Don't really matter who wins in Edmonchuck,they lose is BC the next week.



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Hey Tin

I still like the Riders to come up big in Edmonton. Esks haven't really scared anyone in the 2nd half of the season outside of the nice win over the Als. Bombers almost beat them so I think they will have their hands full with your "Green Bastards" Tin:D

Riders running game will be the difference methinks and I'll play the game to stay under. They are heading into this game 5-1 in their last six while the Esks are 2-4 in their last six. Go Green!

Also think the Argos win over Hamilton in another shootout. Only once in the three games between those two during the regular season did one team fail to score thirty points. The totals in their last two meetings were 60 and 69.

I'm on the green bastards (lucky they aren't playing the Blue) and the Argos and the Over!


Bottom line is the eskies get it done at home in the play offs

What a crucial blow to sask - they could a gone to the grey cup.

Now I guess BC win have to win it - I mean represent it for the west :D