CFL Sportselect


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Well I see the Ontario Lottery Corp is still a joke as they have yet to post the CFL odds
even thought there are 2 games TOMMOROW !

In Western Canada it's interesting that
Montreal is only Minus 8.5 and Winnipeg at Minus 5.5.
I have already made my big play offshore
but I might just by 1 parlay with Montreal
at Minus 8.5 along with the Bombers and 1 other !


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Well, they finally posted their measly two games a short time ago (see my other thread about this). I just can't understand when football generates so much revenue why they don't just leave the odds up on the sheet for the whole week so you can play them with baseball each day. Also, as I said in my other post, why they don't allow the games on the sheet to wrap around that take place on Friday. They have absolutely no clue!


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They are cutting there own throats as more and more people go offshore.
Hell I even won some money on women's basketball tonight !