CFL Tonight 07/12/01


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My first week wasn't what I'd hoped for, but sometimes that happens! At least to me!!

I actually felt kind of bad after the first night when one of the posters here posted they were going to play my plays with me. I actually thought of not posting again until I was consistently winning, but then I saw Sonny's plea for us to post up ... so .....

Last week 2-3 -1.30 units

This week:

1) Cal/Mon Under 53
I'm steeling a page form the Greg Dempson NFL exhibition strategy here except Calgary is on the road. I think Calgary's defence will be forced to rise to the occasion until they can figure out an offence. They'd only allowed I think 10 points until just before half time when Brown crushed them with that turnover for a TD. Anderson 152 yards rushing ... expect more of the same this week eating up lots of clock!! Montreal's got a running back too if i'm not mistaken. This almost dictates a play on Calgary +12 too, but last week Montreal's Defence covered the under and won by 24!!!

2) Ham -3
A short week for BC. No real time to adjust to the two injured D/Linebackers. Osbaldison vs that new kid in a potentially windy Ivor Wynn (is that what it's called???) stadium. I think Danny Mac will turn a few of last weeks 3's into 7's and prevail here. They had last weeks road game wrapped up until they sufferred brain cramps in the fourth.

3) Ham/BC OVER 53.5
See above. Injuries on BC D coupled with good field position for Danny Mac. Allen looked great from the 12th game or so onwards last year and put up 30 plus last week. 60 plus seems likely tonight ... at least to me!

Good luck to all who play tonight!