COL/AZN totals question


Books seem to have the total at 7.5, Proline has it at 9.5. Johnson ERA last 3 of 2.7 (2.81 overall)Astacia last 3 ERA 8.35 (5.70 overall). Bullpens ave. above 4.4 matchups in June all above 4 (admittedly in Colorado but the ave was above 12)This line seems low, am I missing something or is this just because public opinion always puts Johnson totals low?? This is my first year playing bases and I'm still trying to get a handle on it, any input is appreciated.

Thanks, JAWS.


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Hi jaws;
That's a nice pick up.
I haven't played any tickets lately but thats what I always look for, a big line discrepancy. Found one with the Cubs a couple of weeks back but they wouldn't take the bets, so they caught their mistake. Worked out alright as the Cubs got killed.
If anyone has got a ticket with this play today, let us know if they are honoring the bet. If they do I'll run out and load up on this under.
Thanks and thanks Jaws.
Cheers. Grizz.