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I'm surprised none of our US members here haven't posted up some picks.
Heard a guy in UK bet million pounds on Biden.


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I had a couple small bets on Biden but at 10:30 last night I checked the odds and he was plus money so I unloaded more on Biden...

All he needs to do is win Wisconsin and Michigan and I firmly believe that he will do that. Trump can do whatever he wants to to challenge them but if Biden is ahead after any potential recounts and those two states then Biden is going to win.


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Time ET
Biden OddsTrump Odds
11:30 p.m., Mon.66.6%33.3%
2 a.m., Tues.61.4%38.6%
8 a.m.61.4%38.6%
9 a.m.63.2%36.8%
10 a.m.61.4%38.6%
10:20 a.m.66.7%33.3%
11:45 a.m.66.7%33.3%
12:50 p.m.68.2%31.8%
2 p.m.68.2%31.8%
3 p.m.68.2%31.8%
4 p.m.68.2%31.8%
5 p.m.68.2%31.8%
6:15 p.m.67.3%32.7%
7:45 p.m.54.8%45.2%
8:15 p.m.53.1%46.9%
8:45 p.m.59.5%40.5%
9:15 p.m.48.4%51.2%
9:45 p.m.32.5%67.5%
10 p.m.25.8%74.2%
10:25 p.m.27.1%72.9%
10:40 p.m.30.7%69.3%
11 p.m.30%70%
11:15 p.m.28.3%71.7%
11:30 p.m.39.4%60.6%
12:15 a.m., Wed.45%55%
12:45 a.m.45%55%
1:15 a.m.42.3%57.7%
1:45 a.m.38.4%61.6%
2 a.m.33%67%
2:45 a.m.32.2%66.8%
3:30 a.m.41.3%58.7%
4:30 a.m.29.2%70.8%
4:45 a.m.43.1%56.9%
5 a.m.48.4%51.6%
5:25 a.m.57.1%42.9%
6:15 a.m.61.5%38.5%
7:10 a.m.68.4%31.6%
8 a.m. 76.9%23.1%
9 a.m. 74.8%25.2%
9:15 a.m. 78.4%21.6%
10:10 a.m.82.9%17.1%
11:10 a.m.80.7%19.3%


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Good call SD looks like a easy cover. Seems like Election Day now a week is going on forever. Hope they call it today. STOP THE COUNT!😂