Friday at the Bar n Grill


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MLB 2-0 +2.00
NHL 1-0 +2.00
Friday, April 9

Played these four on overnite at VWager:

BREW +155 vs Stro

HALO/LR Undah 10.5 even
PALE +200 at Bomber

A doobie each...Back in late afternoon with any nite choices and NHL.

GLTA for a Good Friday!


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Errrrrr, make that Early Morning on accounta my having to be in the field until after 7pm

Adding these In The Great Game for a doober each:

PHIL/FISH Undah 8.5 even
TheATL -110 vs Bear

JAY +140 at Sox

And for two phat ones:

DEVIL +120 vs Bird

Strong lean to Over in that game as well, but will ride the more confident Side.

No Pux tonite, our interest is the weekend games where we have TB, SJ and PHI series plays working....Really expect to pound both the TB and the SJ games UNDAH....more on that to pack a bowl


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Left Coast Late Nite

Used this trifecta for left coast, all a doobie

BUM -150 vs Rock
SEAMEN +100 at Athletic
SEAMEN/ATHLETIC Undah 8.5 -110

We think Oakland Unders will rival the run last year by Los Angeles.