Friday at the Bar n Grill


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Nothing but fastballs drilled to the gap yesterday:

MLB 6-2 +5.45
NHL 3-0 (including San Jose Series play coming in) +5.05

Friday, Apr 16

In The Great Game

Via Vwager overnite...regulars on these:

EXPO/PHIL Undah 8 -120
FISH +110 at TheATL

BIRD/JAY Over 10 -105
CAT/TRIBE Undah 9 -130

DEVIL +100 vs Pale
LITTLERANGER +145 at Seamen

ATHLETIC/HALO Undah 8 -110

May do a couple add ins, including a regular play on Lightning to close out Isle....stay tuned....Off to pack a late nite bowl....Have a great Friday!


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SOX +125 vs Bomber (T1T Play)


ATHLETIC +115 at Halo

A doobie each
On Frozen Pond

Looking for TB to close out the Islanders in the manner of Shark/Blue last nite.

NING -200 vs Isle

And tailing RAKSTER and some others here with:

BUD -120 vs Sen

A doobie to pack a bowl and have a great Friday nite!


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And on the Left Coast

PAD +105 vs Big Snake
BUM/TALLMEN Over 8 +100

Yep, doobie each....staying conservative....well, as much as we can at the B& to