Frozen Pond Cross Post


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Well, Sonny called out "Lurkerboy" which I know must be a generic swipe, but as a cannabis user, ya know how paranoid we are....

Anyways, here's a crosspost from the Bar n Grill post over in Sonnys Forum fwiw....we're still doing well and hope to keep it going tonite.

On Frozen Pond

Looking for TB to close out the Islanders in the manner of Shark/Blue last nite.

NING -200 vs Isle

And tailing RAKSTER and some others here with:

BUD -120 vs Sen

A doobie to pack a bowl and have a great Friday nite!


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Thanks...seeing you on those two helped tip me, especially in case of Lightning...I was worried I might get bit by hometown myopia, but no fear...

Oh, here's our 2-0 (smile) for Saturday...I'm with ya, and agin ya.....too bad we can't get ties now, so we might both get over....

BEAR -105 at LeBleuBlanc&Rouge
SLIDE -145 vs Star (two doobie)

gl to us all


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Nice 2 - 0 day yesterday HolyCow

I'm not sold on your Beaners play today though. Their so-called leader has been next to invisible so far in this series & Raycroft finally looked like a rookie playing in his 1st playoff series. Boston had no answer for Montreal's speed advantage & with last change advantage on home ice for the Habs, that likely won't change tonight. Shaping up to be a 7 game series!!

I'm all over 'Les Habitant', so best of luck on your 2 doobie play!!