GC: Thursday NHL Game 6 Power Angle Play

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The NHL Play for Thursday is on Vegas at 9:10 eastern. Vegas seized momentum and control of the series with 3 straight wins and are home where they can wrap things up over a Colorado team many thought would win the Cup. Vegas pulled off a massive upset on Tuesday night. In fact road teams down two goals as late as 1:02 into the third period had a game record of only 28-472 in playoff action long term. Vegas subsequently tied the game and came away with an overtime win. That type of loss is much harder on the opposing teams psyche and Colorado may have a tough time coming back from that loss. To tie in a playoff system we note that road dogs like the Avalanche that are off a home favored loss and a prior road loss are 3-11 since 2011 vs a team off a road dog win. Colorado is just 1-4 as a playoff dog and Vegas is 40-14 at home. Look for Vegas to end it tonight. GC