Going to start posting picks for trotters-what do you think?

Joe C

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Guys and Gals in a few weeks I'm going to start posting picks for Woodbine and possibly
the Meadowlands,these are trotters I'm talking about,since we are very well represented when it comes to the runners I think we can make money betting trotters as well,I've had alot of success in the past but due to obligations with my job as well as my family I've taken the last year off,since
this is no longer a problem and with a sattelite dish coming in a few weeks I can watch the races from my house,I believe watching races especially for trotters is
essential,looking for trouble calls etc.Once
I get a line on these tracks I will post selections,Please let me know what you think.


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From memory, you did say this was your forte Joe! And if that means you're more successful then when you were with pucks....

I think I can wager on these two @ our track ... so perhaps I'll head down and toss a toonie down on any nice ones you feel good about in the future!!

Joe C

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I love the track,especially now that alot of the tracks are starting to realize that there takeouts are to high and are starting to reduce them,it's happening at alot of racetracks all over the country,us bettors have been complaining of this for years,
finally they are listening.It would be nice WP if we can make some cash,best of luck to you my friend.


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Great idea Joe, I would appreciate it very much.
Hey Pegger; I think you said you have an account with G.C.S.? They carry Woodbine.

Joe C

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Froggy trotters are the horses that run with
a buggy,there are 2 kinds of racing with buggys,trotters and pacers.


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Joe C I go down to Woodbine a couple times a month and any information or picks you might have would be appreciated.


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Joe,correct me if im wrong so there is no confusion.I take it you are refering to Harness Racing? Now in Harness Racing obviously there are pacers and trotters.I take it you are refering to the trotters?? If i am corect with all of the above question,can you tell me why you would only cap trotters and not cap the whole program of lets say Sat night Woodbbine,and just give out your best pick.??Do you specialize in trotters?? You abviously sound like you've been a huge harness fan for years.Liveing in Windsor i know the track is just a skip away from you.I too am a huge harness fan as the race track is 5 minutes from my house here in London.Unfourtunantly im brutal at thouroghbreds. Anyways,id love some insights on harness racing as it will probably give me another opinion to consider!!

Joe C

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Wiz thats an expression I use,I do cap both
trots and pacers,I follow Windsor as well,I
just wasn't sure if Windsor was a track that
our forum members from the States who might
be interested in betting harness would have access to do so,Meadowlands can be bet everywhere,as can Woodbine I believe.Out of a 10 race card you might get only 2 or 3 trot races at most.


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Great stuff JOE.I was actually at the track on SAT night wagering both Meadowlands and Woodbine.Meadowlands is tough.They actually had 2 horses (Gerig Harebreath Harry go under 150.149.3 i believe.In reality i seemed as though half the field in any given race in the Meadowlands have a real shot at winning.Looking forward to your capping Joe.


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Wow! Thx pye! I read the different threads on the horses in here all the time & didn't even realize i had an out!!!

I guess I'm a little dense with some of the possibilities on off-shores!


Joe it would be great to hear your take on the harness races. I follow them a bit myself and would enjoy hearing your picks.

Do you know what sportsbook would carry both Woodbine and Meadowlands? Does any One carry Windsor Raceway ?
Thanks Joe


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Hi Joe... this sounds great! I know nothing about horses of any kind except to stay away from the one sponsored by LePages, but I look forward to walking in your footsteps... should be fun!

Joe C

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Rawk I'm not sure which sportsbook carries these tracks,I have an telephone account with
Woodbine which allows me to bet all of these tracks,unfortunately when betting Meadowlands
this way you are betting into the Toronto Hub
which is ok but not even close to what the Meadowlands handles everyday,for example on a Saturday night Meadowlands handles between
5 and 6 million for there live racing,where
if you bet the Meadowlands into the Toronto pool they will only handle 5 or 600,000$,I
would say about 10%,thats huge,now betting any Canadian tracks through Woodbine is ok because it goes directly into the track itself whether it be Windsor,London or wherever,plus with Toronto betting into these Canadian tracks it boosts the handle tremendously,I remember 6 or 7 years ago when
Windsor would handle maybe 400,000$ on a Sunday night which is there biggest day,since
they started co-mingling with T.O. and other parts of the country they are handling over 1,000,000$ on Sundays.Steelbag the key is like betting sports and that is to get a line on the horses which takes time,you have to know info about trainers,drivers,owners,I
don't mean tips,which as a rule I stay away from,you have to watch replays so you can spot horses getting blocked,horses hung out with no cover,bad drives,trainer changes which is huge,like sports it's alot of work,
but it's a place where with a small investment the potential is always there to make a score,thats why I like it.It was really great about 6 or 7 years ago when the programs weren't so full of info like they are now,at that time they didn't mark or announce trainer changes or horses getting blocked,so for guys like me who kept charts and watched replays it was a big advantage,
now there are no secrets,trainer changes are
marked on the bottom of program,if a horse gets blocked it's marked on program,every track pretty much has a capper or a section
with analysis of the races,plus 6 or 7 years
ago trainers were always coming up with new bikes or buggys,bikes that would make horses go faster,I can't tell you how many horses I nailed keeping track of this angle,they had a bike called a cheetah which would make horses go 2 seconds faster just by it's design,so when a horse had the "bike" for the first time it was huge,then next week they wouldn't use it and you would bet against that horse,it was banned after a
couple of years because it was deemed unsafe,
the stirrups where the driver put his feet up
were right behind the horses ass on a middle bar,not on the side,for a driver who could lean back almost having his helmet touching the ground it was like an aero-dynamic effect,alas those were the days.