G's Week Eleven


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One college kid home, one to go! Really looking forward to having all my beasties under my roof for the rest of this year. Classes won't start back up until Mid-January, so we are going to hunker down, read books, make some art, and have some epic meals together. There will be golfing. There will be games aplenty. And some football for dad...

Today, I like quite a few games, most of them at 4. And then my Chiefs tonight. Gonna be a great day!

Pittsburgh pk
Detroit +8'
Cleveland +7'.................****

Detroit ML -120

Bridgewater is a pre-game workout decision for Carolina. But even if Teddy goes, he's gonna be a statue back there with his bum knee. And even with solid QB play, the Panthers are on a long slide. Detroit wins this game.

I think a number of us watched just how bad the Iggles are last week. Cleveland doesn't need Insurance Man to throw any TD's, just hand the rock to the two-headed monster. I gave them points because, well, they are the Browns. You never know who gonna step out of bounds at the one this week...

Pittsburgh is a machine. I've already used them as my Survivor play, or they'd be getting my ticket this week.

Speaking of which, my Survivor play is on Minny. I could have chosen LAC but something smells fishy there. It's about time one of these huge favorites loses straight up to a team they should beat.

Speaking of which, KC has revenge in mind for their sole loss of the season (and BusGate) and I don't see LV being able to keep up with a motivated Chiefs squad tonight. I'll be teasing KC to pick in the afternoon games. I like Jets, Miami, Minn, and Ind later today. Will post those plays before 4.


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Obviously money is coming in on the Panthers, as I couldn't even make the Detroit play before it was down to -115. If you like Detroit, you could probably wait a bit and see where the line goes. If Teddy is announced as starter, it might swing another three points. For the record, I like Detroit, and will be playing them, whether or not Teddy is a go. As a Panther fan, I hope they rest Teddy and see what they've got between Grier and the kid. This season is a lost cause and we know Teddy is our go moving forward.


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Doing a Parlay on the early games, see if I can't create a good Live Betting hedging situation in the fourth quarter (the Tenn leg of this parlay makes me nervous).

Tennessee +6
NE pk
Det pk
Cle pk
Atl +3'.....................pays +1,937...............risking 130 goats to win 2,500 goats

Old Dart

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Best of luck, G. Looks like Stanford is starting for Det. Might take a shot W Lions - looking at -120 now. Was pondering Phi@ Cle but I’ve already backed the Jets, so my back-crap-teams wagon is full today. Hope you hit em all!


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GL G...college kids are gone in our house...college degree's were expensive but paid off in the end....still trying to recoup some of that cash....and won't do it here with my torrid record of totals this season...lol...GL today...and always...Mike.


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GL today G. Enjoy the kids at the house for a bit. We just moved our middle one the other day and have 1 left. Warden is pouting


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Thanks guys. Adding one more here as I pull into the mountains. Playing Cleveland first half under 23 for three stars.

Bill Grundy

Mr. G, Just wanted you to know your 1st half totals really catch our eyes here in the Bigwoods of Canada. Thanks for digging them out.
Never knew Cleveland was borrowing our weather here.