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hello all,

I was just wondering about basketball half time lines. I've been looking at some of the lines that come out in college basketball and and it seems that a lot of times the books have left themselves open to getting middled. If you bet a big dog for the game , and they happen to be winning at the half, i have seen lines where if you bet the opposite side, you have a very good opportunity of winning both bets. Am i looking at this wrong??

your help would be appreciated


If I am completely wrong, or making an extrmemly stupid observation, please feel free to tell me so! LOL


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no you are right about middling. if an underdog for example is leading by dd, the book is going to assume the dog will cover. if you bet the dog, chances are it is going to hit at that point. if you take the other side at half, and say the dog wins by 13. you now break even and pay the juice compared to having a winner and getting the W.

Maybe bobby C or someone with more experience can give you a better answer. IMO you are taking an almost for sure winner and risking breaking even.


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the best thing for middling...is to have the DD favoured team on ml...say in a parlary...if the dog is winning at the half...makes it very easy to take the dog + the points in the second half, but it will depend on much u paid for the parlay, and how much u will earn from it

For u to be able to middle, if u took the dog:
The dog is keeping it real close, take the fav in the second half
The dog is getting blown out (higher than the line) u cant middle
The dog is down by half the spread at the half, u might be able to middle, but good chance of winning one bet, and losing the other

If u took the Fav:
Fav is blowing them out by above the posted total, u can try and middle by taking hte dog in the second half
Dog is ahead or down by small amount, the chance of u getting middled and losing both bets comes into play
Fav is up by about half the posted spread at the half, again u have the chance of middling by taking the dog in the second half

These are basically the rules i use when determining if one of my plays can be middled or not....doesn't have to be a DD fav or dog...can be 5 point dog...3 point dog...pk'em...also depends on what line the book posts...these are guidelines i use

Bobby C

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Actually, I look at the game and the halftime as two distinct, seperate bets, and would not use a HT to hedge or middle.